Scott Bathgate “Devoir”

As he confidently enters the international scene, Scott Bathgate continues his collaboration with Nadya Albertsson in their new single ‘Devoir’, their anthem for change.

A recent graduate of the University of Aberdeen, Scott Bathgate is a producer, an active performer and the proud owner of a B.Mus degree, specialising in saxophone and composition. Years of in-depth studying on the artform known as music and years of performing in orchestras, concert bands, and ensembles as a saxophone player on top of his experience working with his band, Karma for Vandals, have helped Bathgate develop and work on his sound for it to become the current signature blend of his many influences. The artist excelsin both the instruments he plays (mainly, but not limited to, saxophone and guitar) and his arranging abilities.

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, most of his musical formation has been built there since he gained an interest in music at the age of six. The weekly music classes he took as a young boy had a great influence in his life, to the point that in 2015 the artist decided to move to Aberdeen (located in the north of Scotland) in order to pursue an even higher level of education.  Now that he’s graduated, Bathgate plans to properly launch himself into the international stage, developing and continuing his work composing and playing music on his own and alongside other artists. He also has an interest in pursuing a postgraduate degree in composition.

His single Devoir is his third collaboration with the talented Swedish singer Nadya Albertsson, following the more laidback and electronic Heavy Soul’ that was released four months prior.

As with their previous work together, Devoir was recorded during the pandemic and worked on while dealing with the complications of lockdown distances. In this song, Bathgate’s jazz and r&b influences truly come through and take over the track, providing a smooth and deep beat and melody that’s as thick and passionate and blood itself. 

Devoir is charged with a socially conscious message, as most music inspired by the world’s current state is. If there’s anything everyone has learned since the beginning of 2020, it must be how “this world is up for grabs”. Time is limited, and the pandemic was a harsh and unfortunate wake up call that we must seize the day and make the best out of our every breath and thought. With this song, both Scott Bathgate and Nadya Albertsson aim to persuade people into not taking life for granted. 

The song, although not cheerful in its melody or lyrics, is a source of comfort and care for those who are still struggling or have recently caved under the stress of such a long time of distancing and the isolated lifestyle. Devoir is not meant to admonish those who have not used their last year to become better people; instead, it sympathizes with them and helps to send them into a better, healthier path. 

It’s possible some people consider themselves to be over the heavy shadow that’s been plaguing us for over a year, but even when we feel fine, music like Scott Bathgate’s is a remainder that it’s okay to feel vulnerable, for there will always be someone that’s got your back and who will help you overcome these fears. 

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