DEBUT SINGLE RELEASED – Friday 18th June 2021

Ell finds his niche… ‘Digital’ is a beguiling hybrid of a song

‘Digital’ is the debut release of renowned Birmingham song-writer/producer Elliot Coleman
The metaphor for feeling out of place is the track title ‘digital’ – comparing the human feelings to that of something not so human, feeling like an imposter can leaving us feeling un-human and almost digital

Despite his unassuming delivery and laid-back vibes, Ell’s debut single leaves quite an impression. It’s a song that travels through many eras of music, plucking and pulling from a wide variety of genres and seamlessly weaving them all together into a patchwork quilt. It’s the kind of quilt you’ll want to wrap yourself up in when you’re feeling contemplative – it’s a chill-tune custom-made for the teensies. Part of its genius is its effortless groove and its nostalgia-inducing feel – fleetingly, it reminds me of a fledgling Massive Attack, at their most smooth.

‘Digital’ is a song about growth and change

Lyrically, Ell uses the analogy of being desensitized to the point that he is barely human anymore, instead he has become ‘digital’. He doesn’t fit in anymore and he wants to express how he really feels. His vocals are light and airy – “I’ve tried so many times” he unravels… “Am I digging myself a bigger hole? Because expressing my feelings don’t make me feel any less digital”. It’s earnest and it’s serene and it’s affecting.

‘Ell’ is the project name and is inspired by many influential artists popping up in the bedroom/LoFi pop genre such as HEADACHE and FINNEAS most notably. 

At times, the song dips into indie R&B/hip-hop ballad territory but then it resurfaces as guitar rock. It’s a patchwork quilt that has been expertly designed and crafted, it’s colours are rich and it’s textures are silky. It feels like the work of an accomplished artist, not a debut single by a novice. This captivating and hypnotizing single introduces ‘Ell’ as an artist with vast potential.

After finding relevant success in bands and producing/writing for other artists in the Birmingham area, this is the first time the 21 year old musician truly expresses himself and shows the world what really makes him tick.

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