Exit Spells, Alas de Liona, IRJA, and more…

June 20, 2021.

Week 24 2021 Hi y’all here I’m with another round of 9 Albums/EPs you should listen to released all of them recently (if you want you can take a look to our previous week here).

1.- Exit Spells Self-Title Debut Album “is the work of introspective northerners Chris Kennedy and David Cantello. Was produced entirely remotely over the course of last year – the result of the pandemic but also a desire to make music outside of the traditional band environment that they’d grown overly-familiar with”. UK York Ambient / Cinematic.

2.- Alas de Liona Radio Astronomy EP  “inspired by ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, a collection of space lullabies and cosmic folktales”. You can read our review for the track Cascade here. UK Edimburg / California  Indie Folk / Indie Pop.

3.- IRJA  Aura Debut EP by the electronic-indie duo Indie Pop / Ambient UK London.

4.- Goodmorning TV  Small Talk Debut Album.  The album was recorded in South of France in a small stone house. It was a musical laboratory for more than 1 year (April 2018- June 2019). The producer is Barth Bouveret, bass guitar player in the band. Barth Bouveret has already produced some great records for Marble Arch, Brace Brace & Paper Tapes. France Paris Indie Pop / Dream Pop  

5.- Samas Self-titled EP

With this Debut Ep SAMAS continues to burn through 2021 with raw refusal and robust disdain, a body of work that harbours grunge-era disillusionment and proto-punk energies. Garage Rock / Indie Rock Australia Sydney.

6.- Jack Droppers & the Best Instentions Dad Rock  “ the third independently released album. The album’s tongue-in-cheek name comes from the apt comparisons to heartland rockers of yesterday (Sprinsgteen, Petty, etc.) as well as to the birth of Droppers’ first child. Stand out tracks include the anthemic highway rock song “New Holland,” the indie scorcher “Your Mama,” and the downtempo folk track “Florida Man.” US Indie Folk / Indie Rock

7.- etherbaby Don’t Be Yourself, Be Happy “is composed mostly of songs written between 2016-2018. The EP is a vulnerable teenage exploration of the yearning for freedom – from painful relationships, loneliness and (as is clear in the title) from the baggage of the self”. Switzerland Zurich Synth Pop / Indie Pop

8.- Planet Case R  “Planet Case has written more songs than ever before. Now, the band feels it’s time to let these stories be heard”.  Finland Helsinki Indie Rock / Indie Pop

9- Dan Devoted Draw Closer  In his own words: “Described as a “much-needed melancholic collection of peace and tranquillity.” I know this EP is something people need, especially though the turbulent times we’ve been going through. Sitting at the piano writing these songs has been a wonderful form of expression and therapy for me and I hope others will be able to find that too” UK Ilford  Ambient / Cinematic

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Here is a guide (Playlist) with one track from each of the albums presented in this round up

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