Elliot Joe Whitehead – “Eyes like mine”

“Don’t you understand how long it’s been?” These are the final lines of the chorus on Elliot Joe Whitehead’s new single “Eyes Like Mine”, referring to the last time since we went out to dance, sing and sway. A song for the lonely, the isolated, and the bored. Listen now to “Eyes Like Mine“!

Coming back with a bigger and boulder production, this UK producer delivers an 80s Synth-Pop sound meant to make you sing and jump around. With lush keys and retro drum grooves, Elliot Joe captures a lively feeling where freedom finds solace.

With a disco feel and catchy hooks, “Eyes Like Mine” was born to deliver a good time. Elliot was worried about the inactivity due to the lockdowns and decided to do something about it.

The real theme of the song is the longing that everyone in the UK has for the sun to come out and lockdown to be lifted so we can all go and have a big boogie and a party. I wanted to acknowledge people that have felt lonely, isolated and even just bored.” – Elliot Joe

With its retro 8 bit video game styled lyric video, the single as a whole achieves to capture the bright warm feelings of sunny days and grooving nights. Vibrant colors and uplifting vibes are sure to be found on this cathartic new song.

Elliot’s vocal melodies are on point, providing the choruses with rich harmonic content. The fat bass-line will make your chest vibrate while bright guitars complement with a wide stereo feel. Funky licks and soft bright pads will take you to dancing land, just like they did in the 80s!

We are sure to expect more music (and gigs) from this Greenwich producer, meanwhile you can also vibe to his first single: “Let It Slide“, available on every streaming platform.

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