Presley Duyck – “Passenger Seat”

Today’s featured single “Passenger Seat” by Texas based singer-songwriter Presley Duyck is a fun, nostalgic track that reflects on loneliness. It evokes the image of a long roadtrip while listening to old 80’s tracks, watching the landscape fly by the window. While we are not alone in this roadtrip, sometimes we feel as we were, even when we are surrounded by friends. The single explores this familiar feeling through powerful lyrics and emotional instrumentation.

“Passenger Seat” is Presley Duyck’s debut single that was written as a during lockdown. Right when she got her dream role at her dream show in 2020, the pandemic forced the show to be cancelled. Looking for a way of creative expression, Duyuck turned to songwriting. For her, it serves as a way of coping and processing emotions:

“Now, I write to decipher the messy scribbles of life, and hope that others can find solace in that,” she said. “To me, music is all about truthful connection. When I sit at the piano, or pick up my guitar, there are infinite possibilities waiting for me.” -Presley Duyck

The single is a mixture of pop, folk and 80’s glam rock. Guitars, drums and synths dance with each other to create a sound that is nostalgic yet modern at the same time. A modern power ballad. In the vocals, Presley Duyck sings about trying (and failing) to reach out those who are, literaly, next to us: “Im dying to feel less lonely/ but maybe by now I should let it be”. The song is the definition of crying while in the club. Her voice is a powerhouse that carries the song through the emotional climax in the chorus.

“Passenger Seat” marks a promising a promising debut for Presley Duyck. It is a mix of the old and the new that serves as a way of searching to make new and honest connections with those that are near us. It is especially hard hitting in these troubling and confusing times.

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