Heckyl “Side Where I Slept”

Detailing the brief moments that make heartache bloom again in ‘Side Where You Slept’, new artist Heckyl stays stuck inside the painful loop of being reminded a loved one is no longer by his side. 

The new project by singer-songwriter and producer Luke Potter, Heckyl, began earlier this year. Although the creator behind Heckyl is based on Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, his footprints spread all the way to Sweden and America, namely Orlando and Los Angeles. Under the artistic name Heckyl, he’s released two singles prior to Side Where You Slept: the debut single, Preacher, and its followup, Stranger. The songs scheduled for 2021 release have all been written, performed and produced by Potter in his Sweet Factory studio.

As the logo — a gloomy and mysterious shadow with warped fingers reaching out to you — implies, Heckyl is the personification of the pessimistic voice inside one’s own head. The same one who might start off as a barely heard whisper, but holds the potential of growing louder than any positive-leaning voice. A monster underneath the bed who’s decided to come out and play in people’s heads, this new project brings anxiety, love, and creativity together. 

Side Where You Slept is the third single of this mysterious inner voice.

Containing an appealing retro sound that the artist considers similar to the 80’s solo artist Prefab Sprout and the modern day English pop rock band The 1975, Side Where You Slept is a mixture of classic old school sounds and eclectic elements that prevent the song from feeling dated or contained to a particular time period. Like all Heckyl lyrics, the ones in this song contain his trademark “lost love” theme, this time focusing on the emotional pain of waking up in the middle of the night and realizing one side of the bed is now empty, for that loved one has walked away and left the protagonist’s life. 

As Potter describes, “Heckyl will take you on your own personal journey of emotions wrapped in a pop singer / songwriter vibe. He is the Monster that lives inside your head trying to fill it with anxiety. Sometimes he’s shouting and other times he’s just a whisper but the one thing you know is that he’s always there waiting for you.”

With the ability of being both an enemy basking in your negativity and a friend who allows you to see the importance of appreciating and treasuring the positives of life, Heckyl is greatly influenced by the mood and state of mind. He shows the fluidity of emotions and the fragility of the mental state, which emphasizes its beauty and how it needs to be looked after. 

Despite being a Monster, Heckyl still manages to help the listener either find comfort in someone who understands their pain or help many heal by showing the way to keep moving. 

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