Very few bands achieve to deliver the level of magic in a song like the one you’re about to hear. “Love Controlled” is filled with moving energy, upbeat drums that’ll shake your heart and a general sense of triumph, even if things have been rough before. Listen now to “Love Controlled“.

After releasing their first album 7 years ago, New State Masses has officially returned with full-on power and resolve. Tired of dealing with labels, publishers, and management in the music industry, the UK based duo formed by Peter Harwood and Matthew Parisi decided to take matters into their own hands.

“Growing up in often struggling but also loving households and going on to ride the tumultuous waves of the music industry is reflected in their music, which sits on that borderline between hope, frustration and disillusion.

“Love Controlled” is an alternative rock song filled with powerful yet soft synths of Matt, and the rock and soul influenced vocals from Pete. Having make music for other artists and for the music industry throughout the years, New State Masses felt like they’ve been holding back in their creativity and freedom of expression; despite of their successes, they felt like they’ve been making music for someone else and not themselves.

This time, the duo has made records that tell the truth, without holding back and no worries of what or who they expose.

Here’s a little history of New State Masses, told by the band itself:

New State Masses was born out of a natural friendship and partnership when our former band broke down after a bad record deal and a general lack of enthusiasm. Pete and I just knew how to write with each other, be honest with each other and be loyal to each other. We’ve had such crazy adventures together because of our connection to music (remember that time we accidentally ended up at a private Victoria’s Secret Models party and didn’t realize or ended up being invited to the Swiss Consulate in LA or being backstage with one of the most iconic bass players in British music history at a really smart gig and him singing “You’re a W**ker” at the top of his voice). Through these experiences we have become brothers.” – New State Masses

Pulling influences from artists dear to them like New Order, Twilight Singers, Future Island, Nick Cave, and Charles Bradley, the duo has refreshed their sound and are ready to let you hear the music they’ve been holding on to for so long.

Their lyrics attend to the universal human struggle with ghosts of the past and present, lurking in the human psyche. “This is ultimately a story of a triumphant journey of reflection and acceptance after a traumatic past.

Taking advantage of the opportunities available for independent artists that didn’t exist before, New State Masses is ready to start releasing music in their own terms.

We have a lot to say, a lot to confess and we have a lot to give you. With literally hundreds of songs written, we are working hard to get them ready for you to hear and I’m so excited to tell you that very soon, our newest record will be out, and there will be plenty of follow ups coming after. Thank you to family, friends and if they still exist, supporters who have helped us through some crushing and soul-destroying defeats both in the industry and personally.” – NSM

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