Christina Jones “Free, Completely Free”

In the moving display of pure love known as ‘Free, Completely Free’, the fourth single from  Christina Jones‘ upcoming album, the artist belts out with a passion that enamors listeners.

A former musical theater major at Boston Conservatory at Berklee, and an American Idol contestant who entered the Top 40, the up-and-coming Christina Jones who’s always felt a connection to music started pursuing her dreams at a young age. 

With her beginnings singing in a church choir and school musicals, she slowly made her way deeper into the performing arts world. Now, she’s been featured on TV for her singing abilities and has earned roles in musicals at the New Repertory Theater and Central Square Theater in 2021. 

With her recent releases, Christina Jones collaborates with the talented composer and pianist Kimiko Ishizaka to bring her music to life to her songs with an emotional voice that sings about someone who has been left and is unwilling to give up on their love, much like Ishizaka based these stories on her own fight saving her love and marriage. 

Free, Completely Free is a sweet declaration of love and the importance a special someone has in one’s life.

With a collaboration that began during the pandemic and its consequential lockdown, the work between Christina Jones has been able to grow in many different directions and see different stages of quarantine despite being recorded remotely. Free, Completely Free brings a ray of positivity that would always be appreciated, not to mention how needed it feels after a year of distance and the emotional struggle many seem to go through during this time of the year. 

As Kimiko Ishizaka said of Christina after their collaboration: “Christina is a brilliant musician and powerful storyteller. Her voice brings songs to life, and I am thrilled that she has taken on the project of sharing my songs with the world.”

Free, Completely Free Lyric Video

Christina clearly has the ability to translate strong feelings into her songwriting and her voice when it’s time to perform. In the track, the way in which she sings about small feelings that hold a deep meaning and succeeds in making those emotions become part of her mundane life: without that love, there would a huge empty space in her life, to the point it could be said there is no life without that love that allows her to feel free and able to be herself. 

The explosive collaboration between Kimiko Ishizaka and Christina Jones culminates in a breezy, easy to sing-along compilation of love songs, and Free, Completely Free is the one that anyone would want to dedicate to their special someone. 

Listen to her discography to enjoy the potent charm of a composer who feels the emotions of her music running deep in her blood, the perfect highlight for someone such as Christina Jones who will be able to evoke those same emotions. Standing on an equal platform when it comes to talent and passion for music, the listener has no choice but to get invested in the world they’ve created with these four songs, and will become unwilling to stop listening to Christina’s addicting melodies. 

If you enjoyed Christina Jones’ music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out her official website. For social media you can follow her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok accounts. To listen to her music, you can head over to her Spotify profile and  Youtube channel, or you can purchase their music at Bandcamp.

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