Izzy Spring “Magic Involved”

Izzy Spring daydreams about a fairy tale-like world in ‘Magic Involved’, a song detailing the positives (and what the artist desires) of touch in a relationship.

The Los Angeles native artist Izzy Spring is an outgoing person meant for stardom. When considering the fact that she was born in a musically eclectic family who’s truly in love with the artform — and how her mother mentioned that if she didn’t sing, there must have been a mixup at the hospital on the day of her birth, it was only natural that Izzy, born with the family genes, became enamoured with this form of expression as well. 

After throwing herself into the world of lyricism and discovering her passion and talent for songwriting, Izzy began developing her skills in hopes of getting to the point where she’s able to convey a “deeper truth” and create shared experiences via her lyrics and a music style that she defines as “spicy”.

Her latest release, Magic Involved, was produced by Ethan Algazi. The track also contains additional production and engineering by Leslie Spring.

As she grew up listening to rock anthems, pop ballads, and orchestral works, among many other genres and different songs, Izzy’s diversity in her influences comes through in most of her music in the form of her eclectic sound that usually can be described as “almost there, but not quite” when trying to pin down the main music genre for a specific track. Her sound makes her stand out, without a doubt, and it is also a strong point that can attract fans of a plethora of music styles and eras. It can be said that Izzy Spring welcomes anyone into her musical fantasy, and she’s got something for everyone who reaches out and gives her music a chance.

In Magic Involved, the main influences seem to be R&B and pop, with its ballad-like style that includes a constant and comforting dream. The instrumentals ground the song in reality, and when listened to along with the vocals and the romantic lyrics, what is obtained is a realm that lies right in between the real world and fantasy, where we can perceive magic surrounding mundane objects and normal people. This spike of enchanting charm is what truly brings life to the title of the track. 

Izzy Spring hopes to add “fizz” to her listeners life, and whether it’s with the help of Magic Involved or any of her previous releases, it’s guaranteed that Izzy’s music is unlike anything you’ve ever listened to.

If you enjoyed Izzy Spring’s music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out her official website. For social media you can follow her Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok accounts. To listen to her music, you can head over to her Spotify profile, and Youtube channel.

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