Modern Guilt – “You’re Welcome”

So, I’ve run into some of the most refreshing band’s I’ve heard in a while. An alternative rock band that is. Modern Guilt, a five-piece band from London, UK, who have just released a 5 track EP titled “You’re Welcome” and, yes, I am very welcome!

These guys have been called out as one of the “Best New Bands” by tastemakers like This Feeling, and Amazon Music, and I can see why. They have a way of making rock and roll feel alive again, like those bands you listened to when growing up that make you said: “I like Rock now”. But seriously, Modern Guilt has a voice of its own. A strong aura that holds each one of these fine gentlemen’s unique essence, blend into a single powerful force.

With Bobby Gillespie’s (Primal Scream) seal of approval, Modern Guilt follows their successful two single releases with another (and this is just my prediction) equally successful debut EP that draws inspiration from Garage Rock, Soul and Blues.

First we have Double Denim, which by the way includes a very cinematic musical video in the desolated streets of London that’s quite the visual experience. I really loved the clean and classic sounds of the general sound but especially those from the guitars; they hold that British, warm and analog texture that defined UK’s Rock and it is comforting to hear it renewed in this 2021. Cheers to that!

Before I forget, Jaz’s (lead singer, guitarist) vocals are pretty good. Low reaching, with a bit of growl to it. Lots of attitude and a secure performance, really captivating! His lyrics on the EP “are a coming to terms with who you are and how you’ve changed. It’s about pinpointing where we stand in our own lives when things start to shift.” I love it, let’s keep going.

“Hoping For The Hoping” is super catchy track two, with a brilliantly simple chord progression and an easy-feeling chorus that’ll stick with you for a good while. Here, Andreas Podda (lead guitar) really makes his guitar sing with long vibrato melodies and a short but sure guitar solo. “Yeah, yeah, yeah!

“One-Fifty”, well, I’ll just say it reminds me of two really great UK musical legends, I mean The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, I’m sure you’ll be able to tell why. “Oh, Come on!“. I’m sure the drummer, Scott Thomson, had a real blast with this one! And let’s not let out Glyn Evans’ (Keys/ Organs) and Dan Williams’ (Bass) outstanding work!

Speaking of Evans, he really sparkled up “Get Along”, track four, with sweet and rich Organ leads. I’m not sure yet, but I think this is my favorite song of the EP. It’s just such a great song! You let me know which one’s yours.

Finishing up with “Shadow Boxer”, Modern Guilt concludes a brilliantly crafted EP with a golden ribbon. The bridge on this one will leave you speechless and with a sense of triumph and ease. What a ride! What a short but sweet ride!

Definitely give these guys a listen, follow them, subscribe to them, leave them a like, a comment or whatever you may want to. Thanks for reading and I hope you like the EP!

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