Aimee Broom “Faces”

Teen sensation Aimee Broom makes a comeback with the perfect summer bop for the second time in a row, bringing her youthful energy with her in the catchy tune of Faces.

At the start of the peak of her adolescence, singer and songwriter Aimee Brown is back after her successful debut and follow-up single in 2020. The sixteen-year-old based in United Kingdom, Essex who is currently working under Safo Music Group has continuously been gaining solid traction with her first release ‘Love Me Hate Me’ and the seasonal, pop love song ‘Summer Without You’. 

Faces, released the 25th of June, is a bubblegum pop track with a message listeners will easily relate to in multiple ways. The song was created with the help of producers Laurence Hobbs (Sam Smith, Shayne Ward, Pixie Lott) and Jonny Amos (Shayne Ward, Maria Lawson, J Soul Brothers).

Expanding on the sound of Faces, the song starts off with a scaled down vocoded version of Aimee’s voice, and later on the listener will get to listen to the real recording in the chorus. This part of the song, although feeling futuristic, still maintains a modern and casual air as it’s quickly accompanied by and replaced by a joyful melody that hints at the energetic sound the rest of the song will have. 

Overall, the combination of synthwave influences, electronic drum layers, sequential dance orientated bass loops, and bouncy and stunning vocals, make for an enjoyable EDM-inspired pop track that delightfully surrounds itself in Aimee’s youthful aura.

Lyrically, Faces talks about the reality of knowing someone who has too many different sides of themselves, to the point it’s become clear several of those sides are fabricated personalities that put into question the sincerity of the relationship. It’s an everyday truth many have to face, whether it’s with recent acquaintances or someone you’d consider a friend, that it no longer comes as a surprise when we see others go through these situations. 

Aimee Brown gave Less Than 1,000 Followers a personal description on the topic of Faces.

“The story behind this track is that it’s written for everyone to try and relate to. It’s about having a toxic or fake person very close to you and it’s the point in that relationship that you realise they aren’t who they say they are, even to the point where they believe their own lies. As if they were a chameleon they mould their personality to fit in with individuals but none of it is real.”

As a rookie artist, Aimee believes it’s important to make clear her desires and the intention she has when she shares her music, beyond that of spreading her hobby and passion. She hopes for her listeners to know that music is real and can feel the genuity in the lyrics and vocals. Aime writes, as most songwriters do, about what she knows and has lived with  the hopes that, in her words, “there’s someone out there that’s been through it too and gets it”.

From being in love with singing since the age of seven and writing her first song when she was ten to the present, where Aimee is sharing her third single in the span of little over a year after amassing over 100,000 streams only on her debut song, the amount of musical and artistic growth she has shown is akin to that of a movie protagonist. Seemingly destined to belong in the music industry and to reach success, Aimee Broom fits flawlessly in the current pop movement.

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