Caramel – “Dreams of 60’s Counterculture”

What happens when you mix 60’s nostalgia with a alternative sound and an unique aesthetics? You get “Dreams of 60s Counterculture“, the new debut single by Brighton based band Caramel. The track is a joyous postmodern experiment with unexpected twists that is a ride to listen to.

Caramel members are lead vocalists and guitarists Jamie Broughton and Olly Parkes, bassist James Virtue and drummer Peter Goldbach. They are a band that Their andorgynous images challenges gender stereotypes, redifying what we understand by a rockstar. This approach is not superficial: it extends to the band’s sound. “Dreams of 60’s Counterculture” cannot be categorized in any genre. It is a mix of the band’s influences such as Blur, Father John Misty and The Kinks, Belle and Sebastian and The Beatles, with the kaleodoscopic 60’s.

“Dreams of…” was composed by the band’s primary songwriter Jamie Broughton. Broughton’s inspiration came while at a college dorm, staring at a poster of The Beatles, wondering why such figure was idolized instead of a contemporary icon:

“I became fascinated with mine and my friends desire to escape from the over saturated, digital environment of millennial culture; Idolising another period in time or movement of thought and aesthetic seemed to me to be the easiest way of doing so. I wanted to capture the defiance that I feel whenever a figure, typically of authority, asks me to conform and belong to an aspect of modern culture that I feel no association or connection to.”

And thus, “Dreams of…” was born. The track revitalizes the characteristic 60’s sound: echoey guitars, irregular time measures, vocal harmonies and catchy choruses. However, Caramel does not only imitate the sound of the time period. Their unconventional approach to music genre allows them to introduce surprises throughout the track, taking the listener along roads that they never expected. As the title suggest, Caramel takes the listener to a dream back to a time that openly challenges the social, cultural and political conventions of modern days.

Caramel’s sound and proyect is one that sure has promise in the future. After listening to “Dreams of 60’s Counterculture” we cannot wait to see what more they have in store!

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