Carley Varley “Going Under”

Carley Varley welcomes the summer with the indie pop single  ‘Going Under’, her catchiest and most upbeat song to date!

Carley Varley is a rising musician based in Dorset, United Kingdom. Her career has humble beginnings, with Carley busking on the streets of her hometown in order to attract attention and build up an audience. Her first win came to her once she began to be asked to play inside venues more and more often. It seemed to happen in the blink of an eye, but before she knew it, Carley was holding the title of Dorset’s Venus Award for Musical Talent 2018 winner in the palm of her hands. 

Since then, Carley has gone on to pursue music full-time. Her first EP, Captured Memories, released in 2019; currently, the artist is working on her newest project, the Seasons EP, with Going Under being the first song from the album to be shared with the public. 

This song was Carley’s solution to falling into panic and helplessness after the drastic changes her life went through at the beginning of the 2020 lockdown. To attempt to take her mind off the issues worsening her mental state, the musician grabbed her guitar and played with it for a while. Whilst doing that, the main hook of what we now know as Going Under came to her mind and by the end of the day the entire song was written.

Positively helping Carley by allowing her to focus on something else, this mischievous indie pop track mixes two beloved classics and elements: 80’s pop synths with a 90’s vibe, which is all one can ask for in a retro-inspired indie song with the potential to be a hit. The lead guitars that chase after the melody create the feeling of chasing after a dream or running with your friends just for the fun of it, and its drums feel like company whenever you listen to this song on your own. 

Ironically, a song born from some of the most suffocating emotions has become a breath of fresh air that allows others to start off their day in the best way possible. 

“I wrote this song in the 2020 lockdown, the very first one” the artist shares. “I was incredibly anxious and I felt as if my life was flipping upside down. I have no gigs, my wedding was cancelled and I couldn’t see my loved ones. I became incredibly down and despite trying everything, I was just too anxious to feel motivated. That is until I wrote Going Under. I knew I loved the song as soon as the chorus came out of my mouth, it summed up how I was feeling and although things are better now this song reminds me of this time of utter turmoil. I know many others felt this way over the last year and so I hope people can relate and that when they listen to it they feel understood and really like the song.”

It is also no understatement to say that Going Under is immensely different from her previous release, Dirty Laundry. Not only are the influences and sounds close to opposites, with one being as low as the state of mind it represents and the other being closer to a desperate attempt (later turned successful) of cheerfulness and positivity admit emotional turmoil, but they seem to represent very different moments of Varley’s life. 

To that, the artist agrees, as she followed up with an explanation of why she chose Going Under next and why she believed this was the only correct option. 

“After writing Dirty Laundry, a very sad song about a toxic relationship, I knew I wanted to write an upbeat pop song with deep lyrics that in honesty are still sad but you almost don’t realise because of the mood of the song. It is my passion to write songs people can relate to, I always used to listen to Avril Lavigne, Paramore, Linkin Park and Taylor Swift whenever I was down or needed to think and I hope my songs can do that for someone someday.”

Upbeat melodies that hide a sinister or tragic story in its lyrics have always been adored by lovers of cheerful tunes, pop fans, and emotional listeners who can’t help but relate to such stories. The danceability of songs such as Going Under add an extra element for people to love, and the positivity plaguing the track is an unexpected healing method who helps both the artist and the listeners to recover and move on from the sources of their pain. 

After so many disappointments over the last year, Carley Varley is thrilled to be releasing music and gigging again. Going Under’s darker origins have faded away, and though they’re not forgotten, there are now better experiences and a hopeful horizon that sheds light and love upon Carley and her audience. 

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