NEW SINGLE RELEASED – Friday 25th June 2021

What’s not to like?!

Narrow Margin have effortless cool, swagger – AND something important to say.

“We want to promote a more direct form of music that speaks to the audience,
doesn’t patronise and makes an immediate impact”

Today was my introduction to Narrow Margin’s music. Multiple streams of ‘Urban Hell’ (with the volume increasing for each subsequent play!) and a quick visit to YouTube to watch one of their live sets – and I was instantly hooked. Finally a new band that gave me some great feels!

Narrow Margin blend social and political frustration with soaring guitar riffs,
punk-infused chord progressions and catchy/anthemic sing-along choruses.

‘Urban Hell’ gives me so many feelings of great nostalgia… Narrow Margin induce a real fervour. I feel like I’m listening to a band that are really going to go places, I feel like I’m watching a band that I want to see live – and most importantly of all, they are speaking to me and I desperately want to know what they are going to say in the future.

Narrow Margin are one of the freshest young acts on the vibrant Manchester music scene

Narrow Margin have the same rawness and energy The Libertines had when they exploded on to the scene. They’ve got the same level of cool as the baby-faced Strokes and Arctic Monkeys. Musically, they cross some Generation Terrorists Manics’ territory and even more notably, they ‘doff their cap’ to The Clash. Lyrically bold, brash and pertinent like Morrissey and the aforementioned Strummer and Jones – Narrow Margin are a band that want to be heard and that NEED to be heard. Do we need a band like this right now? Hell yeah, we do!

They first turned heads in 2019 with their raw, energetic and entertaining live shows

All of the above having been said – Narrow Margin still have their ‘own’ sound and they are clearly going to forge their own paths. This is polished punchy modern unique punk – music for the disillusioned, music for the working man. ‘Urban Hell’ is assertive and catchy as hell – it has a sing-along chorus that will stick in your head and one that you’ll be singing at the top of your voice when you catch these boys live. Which by the way, won’t be too far away in the future – ‘Urban Hell’ is going to pique your interest and Narrow Margin are going to rock your world. We’ve got a new band to follow folks – a band that warrant our full attention.

Young East Manchester punk rock ‘n’ rollers NARROW MARGIN

“Urban Hell’ is an expression of frustration at the system that traps working people into selling mind, body, and soul to big business so a man in a suit can add another £1million to his bonus. People slog it out in poorly paid zero hours jobs through the week, just to meet basic living costs and maybe be able to watch the football at the weekend. It touches on people’s inability to criticise the system that keeps them down. The political apathy of so many people, underpaid and yet distracted by material aspirations encouraged by certain political ideologies, is one of the fundamental factors in maintaining economic inequality”.

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