Simulated Youth “Digital Memories”

My new phone has an OneDrive app which regularly shows a photo with text along the lines of “here you were last year”. I’m pretty fortunate as it’s mostly nature pictures, but there are poor souls with their mobiles bringing up past relationships or similar events. With a photo shoved into your hands by your phone, it’s time to listen to a well-crafted new song that will understand, not hiding any feelings. Pretty good addition to your emotion-driven playlist!

Simulated Youth is an electronica solo act specialized in making a fairly wild blend of spiced up EDM. Having been around for about 6 months has already produced quite a few releases ranging between different moods and soundscapes. The storming synths, aggressive yet balanced percussion and well thought compositions offer for an immersive listening full of dark vibes, in many ways sounding like the Internet culture interwoven with our daily lives. And when you spot tracks with “Android Vocal Version” added to the title, that would be the artist’s own voice heavily modified. His voice is also present in his more recent releases, adding plenty of human emotion in its many forms.

Today, Simulated Youth is back with a new single – a two-piece release collectively speaking a story of a breakup with each track offering an own side of it. The eternal nature of the Internet together with devices and platforms bringing up slices from the past means that events one might not want to remember get brought up by the mobile in their hand. Getting ambushed by the device remembering more than you want it to, and the resulting despair is the basis of “Digital Memories“, a high-energy and aggressive version of this emotional collision in a song.

This song is accompanied by a short and delightful “Happy Ending” full of celestial joyful melodies. A little spark of happiness offering the sense of “we’re still on good terms” and relief.

I made the instrumental for “Digital Memories” probably 6 months ago, and originally I planned to do “Part 1” and “Part 2” as two separate tracks, with one being a happy track and one being a sad track. Like different memories from life. Then 6 months later when it came time to actually finish the song with vocals etc., after talking with Rielle and Camoragi, we all thought based on the song’s title, it should be about “memories in the digital age,” so essentially social media posts that live on forever. So in the end the song is basically about two different perspectives in a relationship that has ended, yet lives on in the “digital memories” of social media. And I also still got to have 2 separate tracks, as was originally planned. The “Happy Ending” track is less than 1 minute in length, but allowed me to use the very happy / triumphant sounds that I made a while ago and definitely wanted to publish!

Together, the duo of singles offer an unfiltered emotional rollercoaster that may be familiar to anyone who has experienced their mobile device or even Facebook quite literally bringing up the past. And when they include things you don’t want to remember, the clash of feelings that arises in result does sound like “Digital Memories”. “Liberated from the past, or so I thought” muttered by both you and the beginning of the song, and the following line in Google search: “how to turn off Memories in an iPhone“. The short and happy melody at the end offers a perfect bit of balance and completes the story.

Ending the blog with a little message from the artist: “It’s very difficult to find new listeners these days. Most people don’t like if you DM them, and basically nobody likes advertisements haha. So I appreciate your time reading about my track and I hope you listen to it and enjoy what you hear!”

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