Cardiac Half “Looking Glass”

Have you wondered, who might be the next big musical act? For one, I am pretty sure the artist I’m going to talk about in this writeup might be a solid contender, as their sound is, among many other strengths, just fabulous. Read on to learn more about the artist and their new single!

Cardiac Half is a duo of brothers, Drew and Dylan Miller, who joined to form the alias and have been releasing music since 2016. Since then, the duo have developed a vibeful alt pop sound that has everything it needs to win the listener’s heart – a message, passionate sound that hits, wonderful voices and stunning production. For the brothers, their music extends beyond just music – it becomes a vehicle of meaning, a voice for people to share their stories. The duo’s name also holds a significant meaning for the brothers, as Dylan, living with a heart disease, has survived two open-heart surgeries and Drew is deaf in the left ear.

“When we write music, our goal is to create something new and original even though there’s nothing new under the sun. We love the produced and smooth vibe of pop but love to add a unique and darker element, somewhat cinematic. We’re still finding our voice in the cluttered world of social media, but we strive to pioneer a new path.

The duo have started releasing a string of single releases in 2020, and along with the singles they also launched “The Last Initiative”, a series of music videos based in a post-apocalyptic world. Today, the journey continues as the brothers have just released a new single!

Titled “Looking Glass“, the song quickly becomes a strong earcandy with the popping dynamic beat and tirelessly youthful sound. Influences from Twenty One Pilots, Maroon 5 and Imagine Dragons can be spotted, but the heart and passion that has gone into making the song is impossible to miss. The drum programming along with those sparking synths offer so much energy into the song, as does the well-done rap part. The banging bits of the chorus as well as the floating beatless sections turn the song into a journey of emotions, the search for the truth.

““Looking Glass” is all about waking up to the way things really are, to what’s real and what’s imaginary. We’re all in this journey of life together, and though we come from different experiences and backgrounds that mold us, we’re essentially all the same. We’re still learning what this life is all about. So you can choose to take the blue pill and go back to sleep, dwelling in complacency and your “truth”. Or you can choose to take the red pill and wake up, continuing to learn and search for absolute truth. If one believes that he has all wisdom and understanding, then he is foolish. For the wise man understands that he knows very little and must continue to pursue wisdom.”

Like the previous two releases, “Looking Glass” will also have a music video along with it, set to release in July. This will also conclude the events of “the Last Initiative”, so it’s highly advisable to check out the other two parts as well.

The brothers create an awesome sound with a high standard for both meanings behind the song and production. Join the duo on their journey which I feel will be most rewarding for both the artists and the listeners!

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