Kada Miller “Begin Again”

Being there for each other, offering advice, seeking the truth. Those are the key words for today’s writeup based on a wonderful new single released by an artist with a beautiful soul. This song has everything to do with the aforementioned, and in addition it’s such a heartwarming story, so let’s go and learn more about this song and the mastermind behind it!

Kada Miller, singer-songwriter hailing from Australia, creates songs inspired by love, self-fulfillment, searches for the light and journeys to self-discovery. Her music and particularly the lyrics, driven by the artist’s passion for storytelling, shine with the tender and emotive voice of the singer which feel magical in that ethereal sort of way. It is quite easy to imagine a fairy, a wise forest spirit being behind that beautiful voice.

2020 became a year of importance for the artist as the lockdown gave time to recollect and reflect on past events and her passions behind writing music. She emerged with a fresh and more stripped-back sound, allowing her voice carry the message without any distractions coming from big productions. The resulting string of releases explore the themes around life through her spiritual lens, feelings flowing freely through the spacious and warm soundscapes. The featherlight and tender sound knows well how to reach and envelop the listener.

Miller continues her stories with a new single – “Begin Again“. A story of seeking the internal truth free of material gains, the song follows the sincere caring conversations between people, those of the kind that allows the person finds themself once again. Her voice takes on a narrator’s position in this tune, opening a window to the life of a woman and a man, and their interactions, being there for each other and offering advice. The guitar melody this song begins with give off unfiltered feelings of questioning and pondering, taking the form of a person seeking for advice.

The chorus of soaring guitar notes, choir of vocals and the marching beat beautifully symbolize the recognition of what the person really cares about deep within. This together with the last verse of the lyrics makes “Begin Again” become such an influential force – it definitely urges and encourages the listener to go and be there for someone. The connections that happen from such interactions are some of the most beautiful kind, and that’s well illustrated by the song.

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