The Arthurs – “Glass”

After a successful string of releases, Amsterdam/Rotterdam alternative/indie rock band The Arthurs have finally released their new full-length album: “Glass“. Spoiler alert, it’s big, it’s emotional, it’s riff filled, it’s explorative, and it’s nostalgic… Lets get right into it.

In case you missed our previous review of The Arthurs’ latest single “Window”, you can find it right here.

Making a strong beginning with “Red Letter Days“, The Arthurs deliver a soft, ethereal atmosphere where one can find the feelings of calmness and a soothing, cradling flow. Still, the chorus explodes with big guitars and loud vocals. A perfect mix of stillness and movement. The guitar solo seems to send us way up high to the stratosphere with high reaching melodies filled with passion, leading us towards the end of the first song.

Starting right away comes “Laugh“, with an upbeat feeling and a swaying motion. The song feels quite happy but I suspect the lyrics might not be so. “Started with a laugh” the song says, as emotional guitars continue to deliver sensible notes and harmonies, reaching, perhaps, towards the unobtainable. The song ends with a long tailed synth making its way towards the next song.

Something with Oceans” seems to channel the essence of Mark Knopfler with its retro, crisp guitar licks and melodies, while the beating drums and jumping bass provide a dancing mood. Subtle vocal melodies surround our ears while acoustic guitars deliver the harmonic substance.

Ghosts of Time” keeps up with the screaming solos, the highly energetic drums and the outstanding composition. Towards the end, a beautiful arrangement of guitars and piano reminds us of green fields in sunny days.

Hiraeth” makes a hard turn and presents a certain kind of violent pace, almost menacing, and I mean that in a cool way! Here, the bass stands out with its gritty drive, holding everything in place. The opening guitar riff is just amazing, building its way up to explode into a dark powerful verse. Man, I really loved this song. Lyrics are greatly written, balanced and the whole song is just so much fun to listen to. In my ignorance, I searched for the meaning of Hiraeth, and if you’re like me and don’t know, it means “deep longing for something, especially one’s home”, especially in the context of Wales or Welsh culture! You learn something new everyday!

Void” is another song that caught my attention. Very different from its predecessors, with a unique set of sonic qualities. Using what feels almost like Gipsy elements, “Void” is a weird delight to the ears.

Leave This Town” is very, very, very, fun. With clear 60’s and 70’s rock influences, this song is made to dance and move and jump around. Really cool! Almost psychedelic!

Window” smashes! But, if you’re a loyal reader you already knew that! If you didn’t, no worries. Window stands out with wailing, siren-like guitars and Wah-Wah effects. The odd composition makes this song feel like progressive rock, reminding of the master Zappa, or the Lennon Claypool Delirium. A true circus act of extravaganza and eccentricity! Love it!

Coming towards the end, “I Am the Bogeyman” is quite mysterious, a bit sexy, like a 007 movie. 70’s feeling with a modern twist. Watch out for the Baba Yaga…

Finally, coming to a full circle, The Arthurs, or as we’d say in my country, “Los Arturos”, deliver the final song of such a great album. “Alice at the Wedding” is the last goodbye, the cheerful final hand wave till we meet again. Pretty, easy, nostalgic, soothing, this song has everything good, nothing bad. And as all things, the album ends, not without saying its last hurra, the last emotional high notes. Thank you, “Los Arturos”, for such a nice ride.

Just like their debut album ‘When I’m Sane’, ‘Glass’ was mostly recorded and produced at home by Den Drijver and again mixed by Paul Fitzpatrick and mastered by Tammo Kersbergen.

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