Annie Elise “We Can Pretend”

Annie Elise portrays her forever colorful world and the blurry line between dreams and reality in her electronic pop single,  ‘We Can Pretend’.

At 20 years of age, Annie Elise is a prominent and rising electronic artist and producer. A natural “conductor of color”, as she personally refers to her talent, Annie lets her synesthesia and the vibrant, bright-colored lens and auditive sense it gave her take the creative reins. This songwriter, producer, engineer, and instrumentalist transitioned from her path as a classically trained musician to follow what her neurological condition led her to: creating music that produces the colors she loves to see the most. 

By blending her perspective and love for music with her airy and dazzling vocals, Annie creates celestial melodies that unmistakably transmit a colorful energy, allowing those who do not have the same colorful insight to still sense how the world looks through the artist’s eyes. 

Although she’s worked alongside several artists in the past, being specially active after her 2017 TEDxYouth@Lancaster conference amassed over 115 thousand views, Annie is currently focusing on her own career as a solo artist, and she’s been preparing to show the electronic music scene what her sound and colors feel like. 

Her latest release, We Can Pretend, contains the same infectious energy present in anything Annie Elise works on. The track is a collaboration with the talented Josiah Soren, who helped co-produced the song. Despite never meeting in person due quarantine regulations and working mainly through , the two creatives achieved a level of synergy palpable in the way the song flows and in the comfort of its sparkling, soft texture.

We Can Pretend is a song about the space between dreams and reality,” Annie Elise comments. “We initially wrote it to be about a false awakening, you know, when you wake up in your dream but you’re still asleep – but the song turned into so much more than that. It’s interesting to explore the concept of wishing you could get away from reality, especially during the past year. I think it’s something we all wish for at some point in time, and although we know it’s something we know we can never get, it is nice to pretend for a little bit. I think there’s great comfort in that.”

A real serotonin inducer, We Can Pretend contains the emotions felt in that in between state where the sleeping brain feels partly awoken. With the song originally being a simpler track inspired of those moments within a dream where one feels they have truly woken up, this track slowly became able to represent so much more, such as the realization that arrives in a moment of clarity, and the exact moment in which the blindfold comes off and one is aware of the situation — at the same time, the song takes a slightly more bittersweet approach, as it narrates how the protagonists wishes they could go back to a state of dreaming. 

What was once a song written for a Discord server competition has now flourished into a song about awakening, denial, and the need to face the truth head on. 

As it stands, this ethereal-sounding song is a multi-faceted individual capable of holding many versions of it and it gives the listener the freedom to identify with the song in whatever way they enjoy the most. With her music, Annie Elise hopes to keep showing the approaching and creative style of a producer who’s also involved in aspects like songwriting. Promising to deliver once more with her buttery and smooth vocals, Annie Elise will keep preparing for upcoming releases as We Can Pretend proves its worth as a summer bop. 

If you enjoyed Annie Elise’s music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out her official website. For social media you can follow her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok accounts. To listen to her music, you can head over to her Spotify profile, Soundcloud, and Youtube channel, or you can purchase their music at Bandcamp.

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