Casey Crane ” “I think we’ll make it”

My heart melted and went to heaven with today’s single. Inner wounds and traumas from our childhood can make us feel very little and broken sometimes, but Casey Crane is an example of how music can heal and transform us into better versions of ourselves. “I Think We’ll Make It” is live now, on every streaming platform, let’s take a listen.

I Think We’ll Make It” is Casey Crane’s first single ever to be released on every streaming platforms. A dreamy folk-rock song about overcoming childhood trauma and seeing the light after what seemed a hopeless time.

Casey started to make music as a necessity to express herself and coming to terms with her trauma. After realizing that acting was not for her, Casey picked up her guitar as a way to avoid going into a downward spiral of depression.

“I was very scared and had no idea what to do with my life. I spent over ten years working towards being an actor. To keep myself from falling into a deep depression, I picked up my Fender Starcaster and just started learning as much as I could about guitar.

Casey found herself isolated and with a mental breakdown by the end of 2019, but was able to put herself into a better head-space and managed to write and play songs in 2020 despite the pandemic. This single is the result.

Written entirely by Casey, the song is filled with lush, emotive acoustic guitars and ethereal electric guitar melodies. Casey’s voice seems to come straight from heaven, like a wounded angel that despite her scars continues to sing, strive and overcome. She will take you way with her caring arms and let you know that everything’s okay, you’re here, you’re safe, you’ve done it.

Morgan Turner of the band “Double Suede”, who met Casey in acting class 10 years ago, plays the bass. Casey finds influences in artists such as Laura Stevenson, Cat Power, and Faye Wong.

“I Think We’ll Make It” is about feeling hopeful for the first time. I have only recently felt like I am going to “make it” aka be okay. I can depend on myself now, and I love myself now. It’s an optimistic song that reflects on hopeless beginnings.

The song is beautiful to say the least. Recorded on her mother’s basement, it has a very unique DIY approach with a very powerful message and solid vocal melodies. Mixed and mastered by Jake Marion, “I Think We’ll Make It” might become the next big hit. Someone please pass me a tissue…

Here’s an exclusive message Casey sent to us, only on Less Than 1000:

I initially wrote this track as a sort of “thank you” to Cat Power (Chan Marshall) for writing “Metal Heart.” If you don’t know that song (listen to it) but it’s about how hiding yourself away due to fear, is only going to hurt you in the end. I’ve definitely hid myself away for most of my life. We are human and we all ultimately want to be seen and understood. My constant traumatic response of keeping myself hidden to stay safe, was killing my soul. Making music has helped me a lot in processing both my past and present. I wrote “I Think We’ll Make It” because my past felt very hopeless, but I’m very optimistic about my present and my future.” – Casey Crane

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