Longsman – “Sliding Doors”

Today’s featured track is “Sliding Doors“, the new single by Longsman (whose previous single  Such Beautiful People has been featured in this blog). It is a song that looks back at how mundane events, such as crossing the titular sliding doors, can change forever our lives by crossing paths with someone we did not know we were looking for. Even though we wonder what could’ve been if we did not make the choices we made in the past, we are glad that they have brought us to where we are now.

Longsman, a.k.a. Adam White, is a singer songwriter hailing from London, United Kingdom. Drawing form genres such as motown, and britpop, his biggest influence is Jack White. He came up with “Sliding Doors” while reflecting on his life, particularly, on how we meet people that transform us. The track is completly produced by himself in his bedroom, which gives it a raw sound that contributes to the overall atmosphere that the song creates.

“Sliding Doors” creates an atmosphere of mystery and doubt that invites the listener to listen closely to what the music wants to say. Following an introduction by the drums, the guitar and bass slowly rise the density density of the single. In this way, Longsman proposes a mood that resembles the image of darkness. What we are hearing in the lyrics seems to be the thoughts of someone in the middle of the night. They reflect on how the mundane, the everyday, has carries the unseen potential of transformation no matter how banal it may seem at first: “If it wasn’t for the sliding doors, what life would I lead?”. While this voice starts with doubt, it slowly reassures himself that he is glad with the decisions he took. The doubt represented with the density of the instrumentation dispells completly when at the end of the track we are left with only the sound of the guitar.

Longsman’s new track proves to be a worthy exploration of complex ideas and emotions through atmosphere. Give it a listen to experience it yourself ! If you enjoyed “Sliding Doors”, make sure to read our review of the artist’s previous single  Such Beautiful People!

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