July 1, 2021

I hope you are all doing great, my fellow music enthusiasts! Today I’ll have the pleasure of sharing with you a very special release… MADZEN (previously covered at our blog with Escontó and Reencuentro) has just dropped a mind-blowing track; let’s get right into it!

Iñaki Acosta is a music producer from Mexico City, with plenty of experience in songwriting and performance as a guitarist and vocalist in several bands (currently active in future funk band Spliff). Also known as MADZEN since 2019, this alter ego has allowed him to fully explore his vision as a solo artist, further developing his musicality while delving into the realms of electronic music and unexplored soundscapes.

Revisiting his first release ever, MADZEN now offers a reconstruction of the original track with the release of “I CHOOSE (REMIX)”; a powerful rave anthem crafted with an incredible sound design and the most insane transitions I’ve come across ‘til now! This becomes clear as soon as the brief, warm introduction drops into a fresh downtempo spiral, with an ever deeper bass and an organic feel running throughout the entire track. The aforementioned sound design is so outstanding that it’s worth mentioning twice; full of rich textures, unique effects flowing seamlessly and an impressive variety of new elements appearing in each section… paired with a strong groove and constantly rising intensity, along with the industrial sounds and rhythmic games presented during its development, this remix will most definitely satisfy all of your techno music needs!

“I’ve released a string of singles since 2020 but nothing like this one. I’m very proud of the progress I’ve made since I started, my first release ever was this remix’s original version: “I Choose (Selfishness and Whatnot’s)”, but unlike its predecessor, this one has a techno twist!! I had a lot of fun making this song and I hope you do too. It’s a song to remember who you are, and making your own damn choices! And of course, to dance!!! Much love – MDZN”


This new single perfectly embodies MADZEN’s relentless search for an unique sound, undoubtedly transmitting the intensity and passion of his love for music. I must say it’s quite an honor having the chance of witnessing how his explorations turn into ever more impressive works, for his personal style keeps evolving as an impressive force of nature. As always, be sure to blast this track with your best audio equipment and get dancing while waiting for his next release!!

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