Senses – “LET ME IN”

Even when disaster strikes, there’s always a way to turn things around. British band SENSES proved this after almost losing their entire song recordings in Maida Vale Studio. After re-discovering, mixing and mastering their songs at Magic Garden during the lockdown, the band is ready to let the world hear their latest up-coming album. “Let Me In” is the new single from ‘Little Pictures Without Sound’, which will be released on limited edition vinyl and digital platforms in autumn 2021.

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An explosion of sound, powerfully ascending bit by bit in a swirling rush of emotions, “Let Me In” is a huge and ambitious song that mixes anthemic elements with experimentation. Showing a more vulnerable side, SENSES deliver a sensitive blend of organs, live strings, E-bow and loud, emotional vocals.

After a large media exposure and showcases, SENSES teamed up with Gavin Monaghan (Editors, The Blinders, The Twang, The Sherlocks) at Magic Garden to produce their next album.

“We knew we were onto something when Gavin said the acoustic was one of the best sounds he’d recorded. It was one of those songs that we jammed a couple of times and it just fell into place, like we’d grabbed it from the ether.” – SENSES

“Let Me In”‘s main theme is about being unconditionally there for someone and always having their back. Inspired by shoe-gaze music, the song is filled with long-tailed drones, whirling synths and a touching performance of acoustic guitar.

The band bonded over a love of alternative, indie and shoe-gaze music, finding their true vocation after meeting in school detention. The reason? Hiding in the music rooms.

“A misspent youth between using fake NUS cards to see their heroes play in the Brit-pop boom and in rehearsal rooms, led to SENSES developing a sound that twists and turns from one track to the next, never wanting one to sound like the next.

To make things even better, SENSES decided that the earnings from this song, next single, and album should go away to charity, specifically, a homeless charity and a cancer charity in the UK. So be quick and grab yourself a pre-ordered copy at, they are selling pretty fast!

“One thing we wanted to get across was that music is for hope, to inspire – not for fame or anything. We think we have made a classic album, it’s just about sharing the positivity. Not sure if this is something we could try to get across. What do you think?” – SENSES

Written by SENSES
Produced by Gavin Monaghan (Editors, The Blinders, The Twang, The
Sherlocks) at Magic Garden
Engineering by Liam Radburn and Gazz Rogers
Strings by Julieanne Bourne, Rebecca Rose
Additional synths by Gavin Monaghan

Brian Callan (vocals and guitar)
Ian Finnegan (drums, piano, vocals)
Kevin Kavanagh (guitar, E-bow)
Ronan O’Connor (bass)

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