Denquar “So This Is Love”

Denquar‘s lovestruck lyrics in her second single will leave listeners moved beyond what’s describable, only being able to afterwards realize “Oh… ‘So This Is Love’“.

A true romantic in every sense of the word, singer-songwriter Denquar dedicates her craft — which is making use of her poetic wording and belting the aforementioned passionate words with her strong yet soothing voice, to writing about love. Whether it is about the lengths she’s willing to go to for her beloved or the way someone’s existence lights up her entire world, this artist excels at romantic topics.  

Danielle Chupak, byname Denquar, was born in Hong Kong to a British mother and a musician Thai father, who plays the biggest role in introducing music to the artist at such a young age, allowing for this artform to take great importance in Denquar’s identity even decades later. And after the unfortunate passing of her father, Denquar still counted with the support of a mother who recognized and encouraged her dreams of being an artist and performer. 

From fronting stage shows during her time working in Disney Hong Kong to signing with her agent and mentor Philip Foster in order to become an established artist, Denquar has gathered enough experience to master the skill of swaying people’s hearts and filling them with positivity and charm. 

In the middle of her journey to a happy life, Denquar has begun releasing her original music as well. So This Is Love is her most recent release, coming out on the second of July. The song was produced by Mark Pelli. 

So This Is Love, just like its namesake, heavily references romantic cliches witnessed in both books and the big screens. Whether it is dreams becoming a reality or meeting someone who adds a colorful orchestra to your life, the track and its lyrics do not shy away from corny and sweet ways to describe the impact of meeting one’s fated person for the very first time. Accompanied by its soul and jazz-infused instrumentals, the song radiates peak head-over-heels energy, showcasing the love-induced foolishness that makes everything around you seem better when your loved one is occupying your every thought. 

That is exactly why it might come off as a surprise to find out the situation Denquar was in when she wrote the song. She explains to Less Than 1,000 Followers how despite being in an emotional state totally opposite from the theme of the song, she was able to create this lovable, amorous song.

“I had gotten my heart completely torn a few days before writing this song. An ongoing intense and super heightened romance had come to a sudden end due to matters neither of us could resolve and I was left completely broken and empty. I find music to be the wavelength I trust in the most that I live out my daydreaming in it. Despite all the bitterness and anger I felt, I somehow conjured up the imagination that perhaps if I wrote a song about finding love again, I would actually fool myself into believing it!”

She continues: “As ironic and crazy as it sounds, the ending stanza of the chorus reflects the true lens of my mental state at the time: “why can’t this be mine”. Perhaps it questions the fact that the ‘love’ I felt, could have been a callow, unrealistic, unsustainable, and artificial love of a fool. Or perhaps, I had truly met the love of my life who by way of nature’s cruel character, just didn’t let it happen. Whatever it is, I am secretly still questioning many things about love and what it means for me. Aren’t we all!?”

By opening up about her truthful opinion on love, Denquar gives her audience a new insight on how complex love can be. Although the song gives a voice to a hopeless romantic, underneath the main structure there is a realist who is aware of the possible hardships ahead, yet she shares one trait with the romantic: they both know things are far from over, and they are confident that they’ll find the right person, even if it takes a while. 

The time and mental state both people are in when they get together matters, and occasionally things might take an unexpected turn that leaves us baffled, or perhaps even feeling betrayed. However, these closed off paths are not the only route we can take, and the possibility to find happiness and love will always be present. 

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