George Katsos- “By the Fire”

Today’s featured single is “By the Fire”: the second single from singer-songwriter George Katsos’s debut EP George Katsos EP 1. It is a rock tune with elements of funk that invites the listener to sit down and pass some good time around a fire.

George Katsos’s career began all the way to the 1980s when he participated in the last night jam of the Cambridge Music Complex before it was demolished. After participating in various bands, his single “Johnny Save the World” was highlighted by Billboard Magazine as “Critic’s Choice of the Week”. Due to the pressure of the music business in the late 1990s, Katsos had to put on hold anything related to music. He returned to the scene almost 20 years later when paying homage to The Beatles in Liverpool, London, during the Beatlemania. His debut EP George Katsos EP1 was recorded when he returned to the United States. In it, Katsos retakes his musical influences (mainly 60’s British rock, Motown, classic rock, and the MTV generation of music) and combines them as a way of finding his own personal sound.

“35 years in the making this song was originally a piano riff and words, but the keyboards available back in the 1980s didn’t have a good grand or stand up piano sound so the song not only never made it to a live performance in clubs, it never made it to the rehearsal space. Simmering through decades of gathering dust on the shelves of ideas, modern technology took a well-sounding electric piano and allowed it to be plugged into a computer that also maintained the brilliant original acoustic piano sound.” – George Katsos

“By The Fire” is a funky, cheerful track that incites the listener to have a good time. It evokes the image of a group of friends and acquaintances alike sitting around a bonfire while talking and even dancing. The 60’s classic rock influences are notorious even with the first piano chords of the song. The guitar, bass, piano, and drums create a sound that retells and remakes that one characteristic of those times. Katsos Morrison-like vocal delivery and harmony draw attention to itself as one of the track standout elements, creating a sense of timelessness.

While listening to “By the Fire”, one cannot help to imagine oneself gathering with those that are around them, friends, acquaintances, and even foes, and vibing on the same wavelength while listening to some good old tunes. George Katsos creates a track that is enjoyable to everyone, from classic rock music to pop music lovers. Make sure to give it a listen!

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