The Lonely Together “Shots Fired…”

We’re glad to announce that Edinburgh, Scotland-based alternative dream rock band The Lonely Together have released a new single, entitled “Shots Fired….”

Founded on the evocative songwriting of Mike Baillie, The Lonely Together have since worked from some of Scotland and America’s best studios as well as having toured with such bands as Augustana, Idlewild, Delays, Thom Artway, and Lake Komo. “Shots Fired…” is The Lonely Together’s final single released from their upcoming debut LP, entitled Everything Viewed Backwards Through The Rearviewmirror (to be released this Friday, July 9th). The Lonely Together have also released three other great singles in advance of their forthcoming album, including “Keep a Secret” from earlier this summer (for which you can read our review here).

“Shots Fired…” is a dark, romantic tale with deep melancholy at its core. Inviting us into his cinematic dreamworld, songwriter Mike Baillie leads us through its forests and across its mountain ranges, as he imparts a devastating story of grief over a love lost. Once again, Baillie deftly displays his innate ability to write a lyric with complex, human resonance, cutting us to the core with a simple question, “When was the last time that you loved someone?”

About the inspiration behind “Shots Fired…,” Baillie writes, “‘Shots Fired…’ was a song I dreamt up in the studio, following an actual dream I had. The song was basically written as an alternate ending (a much more bleak and painful eventuality) to the song ‘Be Strong Frances’, the very first The Lonely Together single.

I wanted to write and record something atmospheric that told the other side… if things went wrong… – a song that dealt with the inexplicable grief of losing a loved one and the personal fallout/soul-searching/blame that comes with such a tragic event.

The song was written around the line “When was the last time that you loved someone?” – a deep, profound, test of a question… and we follow the beautiful journey of two lovers in an almost magical world, through to the untimely demise of their relationship, where the story’s protagonist realised just how cruel the world can be.

Musically, “Shots Fired…” features many textural layers, with aching guitars and thoughtful vocals contributing to the track’s dark sound; but Baillie’s master stroke lies in the inclusion of an old, glitching Commodore 64 game console track that perfectly interacts with the track’s lush production and profoundly existential message. As Baillie writes, “The song features an old Commodore 64 games console – sampled and allowed to play at random all the way through it. We did not edit it at all, as it perfectly weaved it’s way through the track, almost responding to the story. Quite magical

“Shots Fired…” begins with a relaxing acoustic guitar melody, which complements the gentle vocals and thoughtful lyrics quite well; and as the deep bass joins in, it underscores the contemplative mood created by the acoustic guitar and vocals. Subdued percussion and the Commodore 64 samples later add a subtle electronic dimension to the sound, while emotive strings and vocal harmonies further sustain the track’s melancholy yet dreamlike atmosphere. “Shots Fired…” is quite an enjoyable listen throughout, reflecting The Lonely Together’s inspired songwriting and superb musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of alternative- and indie rock alike.  

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