Volcanes – “Destellos”

A vibrant execution of a colorful pop song. Chilean band, Volcanes present their latest single “Destellos“, a perfect melodic construction for you to start the week with the right foot. You need not speak Spanish to enjoy this beautiful arrangement, as the music speaks for itself. Give it a listen, right now!

Hi, dearest music enthusiasts, MadZen here. So, today we start (or finish) our Monday with a very special delivery by our Chilean friends, Volcanes, a three piece pop band created by Christian Lazcano (vocals and guitar), Fernando Hormazábal (bass), and Felipe Leiva (drums) in 2021.

This proyect arised as a way to sistematize different songs that were composed by Christian and Fernando over the last 5 years, exploring a single and direct method of composing. Their influences? Pop, punk and love songs.

“Destellos” was born after the band’s fascination of simple love songs. Lyrics seek to reflect the repentance of a love lost (although no one in particular). Their objective is to deliver a very simple message emphasising the melody, always (always).

The story behind the music is a bit different as the band aimed to mix dance rhythm with Punk bass and guitars. Daring! Besides that, the drum beat had to feel steady throughout the whole song. With all those things in check, the band finally aimed to counterpose the melody of the vocals over it all, which could me also fit a ballad. Sounds like a crazy cocktail! I’ll have one, please.

The result is a perfectly blent song where punk, pop and love converge into a single story. The whole thing feels very upbeat and optimistic, despite the heartbreak undertones! Volcanes are currently working on their first album, and “Destellos” is meant to function as a preview of all the great music that’s to come.

This song was recorded and mixed by Pablo Barra at “Estudios Heliosfera” in February of this year, in the city of San Felipe (a small city north of the capital), and mastered in Santiago at “Pulsar Estudios” by Carlo Colussi.

With “Destellos”, we tried to privilege a constant rhythm, with guitars that are released as the song progresses and a simple vocal line that aims to develop the story in the best possible way.” – Volcanes

For all those Spanish speakers, here’s a special message from the band itself:

“El mensaje principal para la gente que nunca nos ha escuchado, es que de corazón disfruten con nuestra canción y que nos encontramos trabajando en nuestro primer disco en el que buscaremos tratar de entregarles melodías fáciles y honestas, sin mayores pretensiones de que se entretengan.” – Volcanes

And for all my English readers, don’t worry, I’ve got you too:

The main message for people who have never listened to us, is that they enjoy our song from the heart and that we are working on our first album in which we will try to give them easy and honest melodies, without any pretensions that they entertain themselves.” – Volcanes.

The band would also like to thank Adelante Studios for the song’s photo cover.

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