Gina Royale “Down From Your High”

Gina Royale stands up and shares how lives for herself in ‘Down From Your High’, emphasizing the importance of gaining strength and being our own most loved person in this life. 

The New Jersey-based alternative pop artist, Gina Royale, has been on a roll during all of 2021 so far. Releasing the total of four songs so far — with the previous and third single, Here’s To You, being one of Less Than 1,000 Followers May favorites ever since it was reviewed, Gina has been constantly showing her old and new listeners how strong her love for singing and songwriting is. 

With the self-proclaimed “honesty, arrestingly emotive” voice and the blunt yet moving lyrics, Gina Royale paints a picture of the real world with the colors of honesty, effort, pain and strength to overcome all obstacles that have been present in her path. 

This time, with Down From Your High, Gina is determined to show you how you, too, can touch the sky and go beyond the clouds. 

Full of vulnerability, yet able to make that the source of its empowerment, Down From Your High describes the emotional state you might find yourself in after saying goodbye to a toxic influence in your life. Whether it’s a breakup, an unrequited love, a friendship or any sort of familiar relationship you might have, they all hold the potential of breaking us beyond repair. However, we also have the ability to avoid dwelling and losing ourselves in said pain; that’s exactly what Gina tries to convey to the listeners in her new song. 

As it describes the unstable middle point between utter hopelessness and getting back on our feet, the song keeps a cheerful sound that at first might represent the light we think we’ll never reach, and by the end of the song it’ll be the point we’re finally reaching in our lives. 

Gina states that with the lines “Shakes came and went / But I’m still here / And I’m coming down from your height” she wanted to represent that cold turkey-like sensation felt right after a breakup, when we must face reality and jump down from that love-induced cloud we were previously on. 

The artist accomplishes to inject both pain and joy in a song that reeks with indecision and emotional turmoil. At the same time, there is an undeniable security that peaks through at certain points of the track, and as the song progresses it keeps letting us know that once this storm is over, there will be better days. 

Whether you’ve experienced this sort of fallout or not, you’ll be able to find comfort in Gina Royale’s unwavering belief, voice and melody. 

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