GREEBO – “Live and Learn”

You remember that kind of sassy vocals that made Talking Heads so famous? Well, this British band carries similar characteristics, and it’s absolutely fun and refreshing. Greebo, a three-piece indie-alternative band based in Colchester Essex, have just released their newest single “Live And Learn“. Let’s get into it!

Hi, my international friends, MadZen here. So, I was just listening to Greebo’s new single and all I could think was, “how can this band sound so classic yet so new?”. This fellas have convinced me that the new will never part ways with the old, and it’s fantastic! “Vintage” vibes that feel modern; well, that’s mind puzzling, and yet very reassuring.

First of all, let’s introduce these fine gentlemen. We have guitarist and vocalist Ash Condon, then we have bassist Tony Finch, and, last but certainly not least, drummer Matt Solomon. This up-and-coming indie band was formed in July 2020, and have spent the last year working on original music. “Live and Learn” is now their fourth single release following their previous one, “Settle Down or Knuckle Up”, which has aired on Chelmsford Community Radio on more than one occasion.

Greebo recorded this track one afternoon at Unit One Studios, Colchester, place that the band has utilized as their rehearsal space since they formed. The lyrics address lost love and the lessons we learn from it.

Now, music wise we’ve got snarky guitars, steady bass and charming vocal performance that holds a unique essence. The fast-paced drums complement perfectly with high energy throughout the song, I think I was able to perceive some punk/ska influences. What do you think? Do let me know!

More could be said about Greebo, but I’ll let your ears be the judge. Nevertheless, they were kind enough to send us a bit of a backstory to the song:

For a long time is was going to be an acoustic song and because of that we didn’t think about releasing it. Out of our previous releases it’s probably the oldest just sitting there waiting to be used. Only when we started to rehearse it we thought oh might be good to do as a band.” – Greebo

Poor song, just waiting there to be used! And it’s so good! I’m glad you guys decided to give it a chance. Anyways, here’s some final thoughts from the band, as to what we should expect from them:

That’s a good question. Hopefully relatable. All the songs are written with a perspective so I hope that in the songs there’s something people can connect with… but I guess that’s what all song writers want 🙂 ” – Greebo

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