LHO “Exposure”

With her new single ‘Exposure’, singer-songwriter  LHO encourages walking down the healthy healing path… yet she won’t say no to a little venting and raising your voice along the way, which is how this pop masterpiece came to be!

Born in the midst of quarantine, LHO (pronounced as “low”), given Leighann Hodgkins, is a rising artist whose roots can be found in country music. However, her heart kept yearning for something different, and upon using unfortunate experiences to write her first pop song, Leighann realized she could transfer her pain onto another entity. This entity would be able to carry that pain and make the process of healing and overcoming those events easier, and from that point she knew she had to go through with this. 

That’s how LHO, an alter ego not afraid of speaking up and holding aggressors accountable, was born. 

Still fresh from the release of her debut EP, The Butterfly Effect, LHO is as ready as ever to continue with her main goal: speak up against injustices, and simultaneously accompany listeners as they both move on and walk away from the pain. 

However, this time LHO has decided to use her potent voice and platform to help out a fellow friend. For Exposure, the artist is speaking for a friend who was hurt by a loved one in the past, and with her permission she’s using this story in hopes of helping any listener who might have gone through a similar experience. 

LHO speaks more in detail about the events behind the song: 

Exposure was actually written about a friend of mine. It’s the first song I’ve ever written that wasn’t about my own experience. She had gone through a really messy period in her life where she felt betrayed and a little loss after a difficult break up with someone she was in love with. I watched her fumble through all sorts of emotions: anger, sadness, confusion, spite, elation, peace… The guy who walked out on her always told her that she didn’t have to worry about a friend of his and that he didn’t have feelings for said friend. After they broke up, he ended up with the girl he told her she didn’t need to worry about. She questioned everything about their relationship after that.”

“Something like that is super hard because you wonder about all the moments where you brought that concern up and had your mind put at ease but question if there was deceit there. It makes you question your judgement of people going forward. After sitting and listening to her process this whole ordeal, the song just kind of came to me. I asked if she felt comfortable with me writing about it and asked if she’d like to be a part of the process. She gave her blessing and accepted. Now we have Exposure to be a part of her healing process and hopefully other peoples’ healing process.”

There is an additional satisfaction that comes from finding an addictive song and finding out there is such a positive intention behind every step of its creation. Such is the case with Exposure, as knowing you’re supporting an artist like LHO who only hopes to help others as she keeps doing what she loves can only add to the joy felt while listening to her music, which is already outstanding when you realize the killer vocals and uplifting melodies it has. 

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