We’re glad to announce that Sydney, Australia-based psychedelic rock/dream pop band MEMORY MOTEL have released their debut single, entitled “Scarlett.”

MEMORY MOTEL are singer Ruby Ward, guitarists Angus Barry and Mitch Lumsden, Tom Roche on drums, and Ben Parry on bass. Together they create groovy ambient and psychedelic music not unlike the great Aussie psychedelic rock bands they’ve grown up listening to, such as Tame Impala, Pond, and Moses Gunn Collective; and their music also includes dreamy vocals similar to Mazzy Star, Slowdive’s Racheal Goswell and Melody’s Echo Chamber.

After selling out Agincourt Hotel with their most enthusiastic crowd ever, MEMORY MOTEL’s debut single follows in the wave of awesome psychedelic rock bands that have emerged from Australia in recent years. Recorded both in part by themselves at home and in Sydney’s Mindfield Studios, the song was co-produced by the band’s drummer Tom Roche (Coral Theory) and Mindfield Studio’s Miles Devine, and was mastered by Grammy award-winning William Bowden. MEMORY MOTEL will be releasing their debut EP later this year.

Describing the sound and inspiration behind “Scarlett,” the band write, “Our debut single: Scarlett is full of swirling ambient guitars, dreamy ‘Mazzy star-esque’ vocals and a groovy rhythm section to back it up. We wrote Scarlett way back when we first formed and have been performing it together since our very first gig so we’re super keen for you to all give it a listen. Written in a drunken state together one lazy afternoon on uni break we stumbled across the ambient swelling intro guitar sound you hear when the song starts playing, followed by Ruby’s signature ‘Scarlett, speak to me’ and we were hooked, we hope you are too.

MEMORY MOTEL are happy to leave the meanings behind their music a little ambiguous, so that listeners can imprint their own personal meaning onto the lyrics. Singer Ruby Ward writes about their debut single, “Scarlett is about having doubts or uncertainties about yourself and your relationships. I’ve used the word Scarlett as a synonym for my name. Where the other person is asking me to ‘speak to me,’ but I cannot pinpoint the reasons for my anxious thoughts and feelings of despondency so we are both left, ‘in the cold, in the dark.’

“Scarlett” immediately draws the listener in with swirling, effects-laden guitar melodies, which create a relaxed and psychedelic atmosphere. The bass and drums soon join in, establishing a pleasantly laid-back groove, while the dreamlike vocals harmonize nicely with the guitar melodies and further add to the track’s lush, dynamic sound. “Scarlett” is quite an enjoyable listen, reflecting MEMORY MOTEL’s brilliant songwriting as well as their superb musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of psychedelic rock and dream pop alike.

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