Yui Stonewell “Not So Hard”

Independent artist and fire believer of personal empowerment, Yui Stonewell, highlights the need to be respected and loved in a relationship in her new singleNot So Hard.

Deeply influenced and equally in love with pop and EDM music, Yui Stonewell’s discography can be described as a blast from the past, considering her love for 90’s pop, with a hint of modern synths, all in an unashamedly pink box with a big bow on top of it. The Japanese singer is inspired by artists such as Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, ZEDD, Dua Lipa, and BLACKPINK. 

The track Not So Hard was recorded in her home studio in Tokyo, Japan, with the help of her decade-long coworker and brother. The siblings also counted with the help of several mentors and coaches, though the recording process was something the duo did on their own, as they always have.

Not So Hard is a song that speaks directly to the popular bad boy (or bad girl) archetype, a personality many have a love-hate relationship with. Though this kind of partner might sound like a dream in concept, when faced in person there is the unnecessary rudeness, carelessness and blatant disregard that leads the other half of the relationship to wonder if both parties are putting the same amount of effort into making things work out. 

The song is loosely based around one of Yui’s past relationships. While being with a guy was condescending, controlling and just plain mean, Yui struggled and realized that true happiness could only be found after parting with said boyfriend. 

She, like everyone else who’s gone through a similar relationship, had to overcome the little phrases and doubts that plagued her mind for some time. Now that she’s accepted that she might never get answers, the only thing left to do is sing and dance about it, making a positive song out of her experiences. 

“First comes heartbreak, but this song sings to the empowerment after it’s all over and you’ve moved on. It lightheartedly spells out all the things that you wish you would’ve said to their face run through your mind when you think back to how you were treated. It’s definitely a “sing-into-your-hairbrush-in-your-bedroom” kinda song!”

Her nostalgic but powerful pop sound is akin to those many loved back in the 2000’s and beginning of the 2010’s, and although trends have shifted, this specific niche is still as active as it was at the start of the decade. With similar vibes to Taylor’s Swift’s ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ and a hint of Miley Cyrus’ ‘Party In The USA’, Yui’s song works as an unintentional homage to the hits of the most beloved American female celebrities of the time, and it brings the strongest elements of that era in an actualized arrangement, on top of her own sweet touch. 

Yui Stonewell is a rising musician who enjoys writing about relatable life experiences, especially from the lens of a woman as she strongly believes in girls sticking together. She hopes her music can work as female empowerment to all the women who come across it, just as the music she grew up with helped her become the person she is today, and aims to inspire growth by connecting with her audience as she keeps sharing more of her life and emotions in her music. 

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