Accomplished anthemic rock’n’roll.
More majestic indie from Manchester.

Having had this song ‘on repeat’ for most of the day before attempting to write this review, I have to say that the most impressive thing about ‘Bad Habits’ and ‘No Vacancies’ is the tight musicianship and the ‘in-sync’ sound. For a band that have only recently settled on their line-up, a band very much in their infancy, a band just starting out – the fusion of all of the different parts here is exceptional. The band sound like they have played together for years – and even more vitally – they sound like they are having a lot of fun and enjoying the music that they create.

“This band was made for people like ourselves that hate the lack of guitar based music in the charts these days.
We’re here to change that.”

This is anthemic indie rock. It’s a song that could be a distant relative of Weezers ‘Only In Dreams’. Sandwiched in between intros and outros that last for over a minute are Will’s impassioned, urgent and clear vocals. It may (or may not!) be a coincidence that the intro and outro to this song are virtually (or exactly) the same length. Irrespective of this discovery, the Hole-like intro expertly eases us into the song and the outro conjures up festival vibes, as the song slowly fades out like the disappearing evening sun.

The protagonist of the song appears to be infatuated with and pining for his female desire but she is ultimately making him lose control and lose sight of what really matters. Crashing drums drive the song – sexy basslines adorn it and rhythmically, it’s immaculate – smooth, polished and very accomplished. Musically, it is in some ways reminiscent of Oasis in their prime . Lyrically and vocally – it’s a song that Van McCann would be proud of. For the older indie-fan and for those who like a more obscure reference point, the chiming guitars recall the under-appreciated early 2000’s band Lowgold. Repeated plays of this song help you to really appreciate the masterful musicianship on show here. No Vacancies have set the bar high with this release – ‘Bad Habits’ is real rock’n’roll excellence.

This is our new unreleased, re -released single Bad Habits!

This single was recorded at the Motor Museum with well known producer Al Groves (a number one selling record producer) and mixer whose credits include Bring Me The Horizon, Paris Youth Foundation and Glass Caves. We released this song originally back in 2019 when Will and George had just moved to Manchester. The song always got great attention at gigs and natural growth on the streaming platforms without much push so it was a no brainer. Listen to the people. Plus its our own favourite to play in the set.

“We’re so proud of it! We hope you enjoy listening to it just as much as we enjoyed making it.”

Will Mcgarrie – Singer & Rhythm Guitarist
George Sheasby – Drummer & backing
Ben Naylor – Bass & backing Vocals
Cédric Duding – Lead Guitarist

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