Red Revel – “808 Airfreight”

Today’s featured band is the jazz-funk fusion Red Revel. Straight from Sydney Australia, were they have played in sold out venues, Red Revel mix and match between genres and styles such as jazz, disco, blues, funk and pop to create a sound that recalls of that of the groovy 70’s. It is indeed a complex sound that can be better understood by listening to the band’s new single: “808 Airfreight“.

“808 Airfreight” is a song that reflects on the strange sensations that airports emanate. We never go to the airport just to go to the airport; we see them as a necessary step to arrive at our final destination and not as the final destination. It is a place where we wait for things to happen as we are suspended in a space where time passes slower than usual. We lose our identity and become an anonymous blob that just waits for their flight to leave. “808 Airfreight” touches on the issues of identity and how fragile it is. Such track can just be born in the place it talks about: in an airport. It was written by Red Revel in an airport bar early in the morning while waiting for a flight to Vancouver, alongside some shots of tequila.

How to expose the aura of these surreal places ? Red Revel mixes disco, funk and jazz in the track in a way that they create a pleasant sensation of strangeness. As if we were in an airport, time freezes while our ears are invaded by the 70’s groove. Slowly, we start feel the beat in our bodies. The guitars, the bass, the vocals and the saxophone blend together in a way that we can hear each one both as an individual instrument and an ensemble. Time comes back to us. The saxophone improv solo blares through our ears. Even when the track is over, it lingers on in our minds…

Red Revel is a band that is able to create and communicate sensations and ideas with their music. If you enjoy jazz and funk (or has been stuck in an airport for more than 8 hours due to a delayed flight: who knows, maybe you are still stuck there, reading this right now) make sure to listen to their single “808 Airfreight” to lighten up the boarding room!

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