Taylor B-W “I’m So broke”

Taylor B-W continues to ride the wave of success obtained with her previous single by releasing yet another 90’s influenced track, I’m so Broke.

A rising star located in Sydney, Australia, Taylor B-W is a conversationalist artist with a natural talent for emotive lyrics that are a mervelous fit for her soul-driven melodies, whether they’re indie pop, R&B or hip hop based. 

After initially pursuing a career in acting, which led to a decline in her mental health and an eye-opening trip to Africa, Taylor left the acting world to focus on wildlife conservation. She is now a qualified zookeeper at Sydney’s Taronga Training Institute. While she is not dedicating her time to wildlife safeguarding, Taylor B-W travels to the inner parts of her mind and back into her past in the form of her music, clearing out the cobwebs that stain her mind. 

As an artist, she is known for delving into topics and fears felt by most of the millennial generation; from everlasting stress, a loneliness felt even in the presence of others, to eco-anxiety and financial struggles, Taylor has and is determined to keep voicing these issues in her music. With the goal to heal both her relationship with the world and those around her, as well as her listeners’ issues, she maintains resilience and strength in each and every of her steps. 

Facing the struggles of trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance at the same time as she works multiple jobs to cover the costs of her music career and other necessities, all on top of keeping her mental and physical health in check is one of Taylor’s greatest pressures. This routine has allowed her to realize how trapped and stuck in a cycle she can feel, despite living in the years where the world is presenting more options than ever. 

Freedom is constantly being discussed by everyone around us, yet those talks do nothing to take away the weight we’re carrying on our shoulders. As someone living this cold truth, Taylor went back to her safe haven (music), and created a song that discusses how broken we can be in a world so focused on liberation and a worry-free lifestyle.

That’s how I’m So Broke, a “sad” song with a double-edged theme of feeling defeated and unhinged while having no funds at all that refuses to be considered “sad” by employing a punching bassline and some current electro-pop intricacies, was born. 

“I’m So Broke was written during a depressive episode,” the artist reveals, “when I was just thinking about where I stand in my own world and how I don’t want to settle for the second best in life. It was making me anxious that this is all life might crack up to be – always being broke financially and feeling mentally broken.

Despite the sentimental lyrics, I actually wanted the song to be cheeky and fun musically so it didn’t sound like a typical ‘sad’ song. So I went into the studio with Quinn with the intention of making a very bouncy and funky tune, heavily inspired by old-school 90s hip-hop, for example, the West Coast whistle motif was my ode to that era of music.”

A modern retro icon who refuses to abandon her cheeky and antithetical goofy side even when discussing serious matters might be just what the still-growing generations need. Her music contains the breath of fresh air and fun that we crave to get away from the stress of everyday life, but it still grounds us to reality without being overly negative, reminding us that despite the pain it is important to keep discussing these issues.

Only two things can be expected from Taylor B-W and that’s a good time and a new song to add to your playlist.

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