Third Girl From The Left “The Mountain and the Wave”

We’re glad to announce that Exeter, United Kingdom-based avant-pop/alt-folk rock artist Third Girl From The Left has released a new single, entitled “The Mountain and the Wave.”

Born in South Devon, England, Third Girl From The Left began writing in her teens and performing at local bars. From 2008 she spent ten years touring grassroots venues and folk clubs peddling acoustic folk-country before it was cool. Reaching her mid 40’s, she began to question the who, what and why, and realized that it was a time to take stock, reassess and reinvent. As Third Girl writes, “To use the term mid-life crisis seems such a cliche but I did reach a point in my life when I just had to make a change and be true to myself. When Covid came along it was the perfect opportunity to knuckle down and get creative.

Described as impressionistic, dark, and intimate, Third Girl From The Left’s music recalls such like-minded artists as Kate Bush, Lorde and Portishead. Her poetic lyrics convey a feeling that is at once confident and delicately vulnerable, while her experimental guitar tunings and field recordings create otherworldly atmospheres that are both soothing and unnerving. Since the release of her debut EP, Oxygen, in January 2021 (for which you can read our review here), Third Girl From The Left has been championed by BBC Introducing South West and Tom Robinson’s Fresh on The Net. Her second EP is due for release in October 2021.

Third Girl From The Left’s latest single, “The Mountain and the Wave,” is inspired by the little-known Greek myth Tyro. Third Girl says, “I discovered the story through an artwork by Scotland’s Margaret MacDonald. It tells the story of a married woman racked with desire for the river god Enipeus, but is tricked and seduced by a disguised, lust fuelled, Poseidon. For me it explores the power of addiction and how taking back that power must come from within.” Recorded at her home studio, “The Mountain and the Wave” is Third Girl’s darkest track so far with menacing bass, pounding drums, driving organ and of course, the signature field recording–this time a motorbike revving in the key of E!

“The Mountain and the Wave” begins with the distorted revving sound of a motorbike and deep, droning bass notes, which create an ominous atmosphere along with the steady beat of the drums. Third Girl’s poetic, haunting vocals soon join in, telling a captivating story; while the driving sound of an organ and occasional space-like effects punctuate the track, adding nicely to its suspenseful mood. “The Mountain and the Wave” is quite an enjoyable listen throughout, reflecting Third Girl From The Left’s creative songwriting and superb musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of avant-pop, alternative rock, and indie rock alike.

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