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Being alone and longing for human contact, or any contact for that matter is possibly one of those feelings majority of us has had to battle. It’s heavy and not made easier by social media or even TV, but music can offer the empathy you need. Thus it’s time to introduce a new single and its creator, and this song is a must for those of you who have had to be alone at some point in your lives, or are currently alone – a healer wrapped in a marvelous tuneful song!

Named after a suffragette Julia Ward Howe, Chyanne Ledbetter’s musical alias Howe is all about female empowerment and spreading her messages on femininity and life itself as much as it is about the sweet 808s and piano keys. Her journey as Howe started rather recently in the pandemic year, and the sound she has been crafting has a wonderful amount of depth – enough to invoke introspective monologues with oneself over a variety of topics. Together with that unmistakably groovy production, Howe looks to get the listeners to both dance and recognize themselves, and she is doing it well. In the artist’s own words:

“First time listeners can expect honesty and empowering feminism. And usually some 808, I like to feel the beat.”

Today Howe invites you to her new single – “K I S S I N G”, an indie pop tune running on top of some of the grooviest bass I could hope to find. That and the well-crafted beat create a rather pleasing atmosphere and a construction to carry the emotional weight, and this song has a lot of it. Listening to the singer’s longing voice, you could envision a person looking outside through a closed window, stuck there alone and craving for human contact, or any contact with a living being. It’s a stinging kind of pain that ends up numbing your daily life and that is pretty accurately recreated using the relatively slow beat and notes that stay low in their gloomy layer of existence.

“The song was born out of loneliness during isolation. I had just ended an emotionally exhausting relationship before the pandemic started, so during the pandemic, while living alone, I didn’t crave an emotional or deep attachment to anyone. What I did crave was something lighthearted and the ability to connect physically. About mid-pandemic I had a friend who told me a story about a walk they went on where a loose dog ran up and jumped into their arms and gave them a kiss. She joked that it was the first kiss she’d had in months. It made me think about what I was most yearning for, and the power in simple touch. It could be a cuddle from a dog, holding somebody’s hand, or a hug or kiss. It’s all important, and I think it’s something that many of us craved and missed during this time. Thinking about simple physical touch brought me back to my childhood, where connection was simple, and I thought of the nursery rhyme that the song is inspired by. Part of the nursery rhyme goes like this- “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage”- but in my song I talk about how I don’t need love or a diamond ring, I just wanted the simplicity of kissing. So while the song is about loneliness, and about yearning for physical connection, it’s also meant to celebrate the fact that we can do whatever we want with our bodies.
There’s no shame in saying I want some good K I S S I N G.”

A heavily relatable song to any listener who has had to spend their lockdown days alone. Similarly hitting song for those of us seeking and longing for a touch. While relationships are a nice goal, many people long for simple touch and a spark of joy from skin contact and cherishes. This being a very intimate and deep wish means that most only dare to share those thoughts with stranger friends online. I see that in the communities I’m in and can share the pain. Perhaps this song will help unite us further. Considering how catchy this song is, I am sure this will do the job perfectly!
It’s just such a deliciously groovy track. 🙂

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