Warteraum “Coup d’État”

In this sometimes rather bleak world, a song could make a big difference and brighten up your day. And thus today I am glad to introduce a synthpop tune full of emotional weight and sympathy. A window into a different yet same world opened by a bright artist – read on to explore it!

WARTERAUM, styled in all caps, is an electropop project led on by one woman – Misha Nyman Stramkova, who has been making music under that name since 2015. In the beginning, WARTERAUM was a small mainly experimental multimedia side-project, and while enjoying local success with her single “Align”, she felt as an aimless mess. It took her three years to break down the anxiety and find the path and during that journey the artist evolved her sound to become larger than life and speak volumes. A sound uniquely hers.

A sense of darkness and melancholy flowing through moody soundscapes formed by the chorus of synths and steady drum machine percussion leave a strong impression, and her vocals become a narrator to the events in the world full of strong contrasts and spooky atmospheres. At the same time there’s a sense of light between all of that, a soaring height between purplish clouds approached by her queen voice and production. All in all, WARTERAUM has a lot to offer.

And so, today the emotional synthpop project returns to introduce her newest single – “Coup d’État”. The moody dark continues, this time in an almost aggressive note. At the same time the sound speaks hopelessness and the need to find the way out. In many ways the song reminds of dystopian worlds, trapped souls in a society not really conforming to anyone. The resulting madness instilled with low synth notes and her bold vocals is pretty much exactly what ends up going on within, an anthem of what feels like an eternal search.

I wrote “Coup d’État” in December 2020, which makes it the “youngest” song on my upcoming EP “Warteraum 3”. I was in a quite weird situation at the time, like, I suddenly felt this “wave of hatred and hopelessness” coming over me triggered by all the things that happened in the world that year. All of this combined inspired me to make more aggressive and radical music, so that’s how “Coup d’État” turned out to be… I always had a feeling that it is a very “daring” track, so to speak.
It’s basically a synth-infused Punk song. You have the dissonant guitars. You have the production that ended up being more Lo-Fi than I intended it to be.
Mixing it was somewhat of a nightmare for me, haha! 🙂

From the lyrical side of things, I like to imagine this track playing in a parallel universe to George Orwell’s novel “1984” (which is actually one of the greatest and most tragic love stories in my opinion. Depends on how you look at it). You know, imagine Winston and Julia not submitting to the Big Brother, managing to overthrow the Party instead. I think that would be really dope.
Knowing this, you can assume that the song “Winston (Give Myself Away)” found on my previous EP “The New Wave” is something like a spiritual predecessor to “Coup d’État” in a way.

Considering the current state of the world we’re living in, this single will definitely come and expose the sore spots all of us might have when it comes to what’s been happening these days. It feels consoling in a way. At the same time it feels like a warning flag against the dystopian tendencies. Definitely gives a lot to think about, this song.

And here’s a small greeting from the mastermind behind the single for you, dear readers:
“Hey, thank you so so much for checking out my music! It means the world to me and I hope you’ll find enjoyment in the sonic landscapes that I create. Love & Peace to all! :)”

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