Distant Harmonies – Dancing with the Waves

We’re glad to announce that Berlin- and Barcelona-based experimental metal/rock band Distant Harmonies have released their debut album, Dancing with the Waves.

Distant Harmonies is a two-man band created in 2019 by Jordi Rubio (guitars, bass, keyboards, & backing vocals) and Marc Rodriguez “Marky” (drums & backing vocals). They had already formed the extreme metal band Black Tear years before, and 20 years later they decided to create a new music project, overcoming the challenges imposed by the distance and united by their love for music. Their experimental music is difficult to classify into one genre, bridging the gap between metal and rock, and incorporating several symphonic and progressive parts with a mix of instrumentals and vocal tracks.

Distant Harmonies published their first demo in 2020, which was followed by their debut album in April 2021, produced by themselves and published on most of the streaming platforms. Marki and Jordi say, “This album is the result of the experimental evolution that we experienced over the last 2 years. We did everything at home and we are very grateful that some friends helped us with the vocals.

And for listeners unfamiliar with Distant Harmonies’ music, they write, About what first-time listeners should expect: Nothing concrete, not yet another band of genre X or Y. Listeners should be open minded and take the time to go through an evolving journey across every song that compose the album.

Dancing with the Waves opens with the title track, which features melodic lead guitar and chugging rhythm guitar chords. Guest musician David Repullés’ vocals harmonize quite nicely with the guitars throughout the track, driven by the dynamic rhythms of the bass and and drums. Next is the instrumental and progressive-sounding “Pulse,” which starts with space-like effects and staccato, delay-laden guitar notes before the powerful electric guitar leads and distorted rhythm guitar chords join in. The following track, “Angel in Green,” is another great instrumental, introduced by emotive piano notes that blend quite well with the captivating electric guitar melodies, while the strings add a nice symphonic touch.

“El mal” features blistering guitars amidst ethereal keys, at times bringing to mind atmospheric black metal artists like Alcest as well as post-rock/metal bands such as Russian Circles or If These Trees Could Talk, while guest musician Marc Cucurella’s haunting vocals join in midway through the track and add further to its mysterious, dramatic feel. Next is “Lluny d’aquí,” on which thundering bass and inventive, djent-like rhythm guitar riffs complement guest musician Robert Martínez’s vocals quite well, with bright keyboards underscoring their dynamic melodies; while “Electric Dreams” takes the listener on a compelling journey which begins with echoing, clean-toned arpeggios and symphonic strings, before the inventive lead guitar patterns and basslines join in, sustained by the propulsive attack of the drums.

The album concludes with an excellent cover of “Wish You Were Here,” a more distorted, metallic reading of the classic song by Pink Floyd, which features the expressive vocals of guest musician Martin Flügge. Dancing with the Waves is quite an enjoyable listen from beginning to end, with each track full of twists and turns that reflect Distant Harmonies’ creative songwriting as well as their brilliant musicianship; I would highly recommend this album to fans of experimental metal and progressive rock alike.

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