of shadows and lights – “the end of a nightmare”

I’ll just say, right out of the bat, that this song is so good I had to listening to it twice. It’s simply amazing! If you missed our previous OSAL review you can find it here.

Italian producer and singer-songwriter Angelo Pitone, aka Of Shadows And Lights, is back with yet another fantastic and sensational release with such high standards that it’ll blow your mind. “The End Of A Nightmare” is the title of the single and it was born after Angelo went through some personal struggle and stress, leading him to sleep only three hours… in three days! What?!

That’s right, Angelo was only able to sleep for three hours in three days straight. This was pushing him into madness! But Angelo stepped through, and with great grace! The result of Angelo’s process was a magnificent progressive-rock/psychedelic song that continues to make this artist a highlight in our blog.

With professional mastery, Angelo created a song that not only feels fresh and original, but it has a certain aura of true genius! Blasting drums, driving low-synths, emotional guitars and the sublime vocals of Angelo blend together to create this amazing masterpiece. The several subtle effects and mini arrangements pass almost unperceived, but add a great amount of atmosphere to the whole!

The song has a very special guitar solo which remind us of the middle east. The piano of the beginning, verses/choruses and the end, represent the concept of a loop, the same loop Angelo felt in while sleep deprived: “like entering in an endless circle or in a maze with no exit“.

After the guitar solo, that reminds some middle-east vibes, there’s a crescendo that pushes further the dynamic of the song till the end as if it were a liberating gesture. In fact, in the last chorus you’ll notice a different intention in expression if compared with the first chorus. I like to point out subtle changes and let the song free its potential.” – OSAL

This single is a perfect follow up for OSAL’s previous release, “Under Control“, only this time Angelo pushed the boundaries a bit more. It is also his second release on Aldora Britain Records. As well as its predecessor, “TEOAN” was written, produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by Angelo himself! What a master!

“The End Of A Nightmare’s lyrics are a real talking point too. An adventure into the nocturnal world that holds a huge sway on reality and the everyday. Influenced by the experiences of the collective over the last year or so, is this a nightmare, is this hell, is this pain? These are the questions that are thrown around Pitone’s mind as he lays his soul bare on this new hypnotic and captivating track. The End of A Nightmare is here…

To wrap this article up, here’s a final comment from the genius himself, a special message for all those first time listeners by Angelo!:

“Sometimes words are useless, but if the right music supports them, then the magic happens. Only this way you’ll be able to connect with me and my experiences. In addition, those same experiences could be yours too! This is the magic link music can create. I call it empathy. Don’t you?” – Angelo Pitone

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