Lost Club- “Alone”

Today, we present “Alone” the latest single by Lost Club and the first one of his second EP Phantasmagoria. With a standout indie rock vibe, Lost Club contemplates the idea self doubt in a love relationship.

Lost Club is made up of multi-intstrumentalist Nick García. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, he created the project as a way of expressing himself through his music. He takes inspiration form bands such as Last Dinosaurs, MGMT, Graveyard Club, The 1975 and the Strokes. “Alone”, as well as his EP Phantasmagoria, were recorded in Rockbot Studios in Jacksonville with Josh Cobb as a producer. Both the single and the EP explore the emotions that one person develops when forming a relationship with another.

“Alone” covers that moment in a late relationship when we are not sure what we think about the other person or what they think about us. We are unsure of what we are feeling is real or not, or if what we felt once before is the same thing we are feeling now. At the same time, we are not sure if we should continue that relationship, or end it.”Who are you to me?” sing the lyrics.

“I think this song represents a sort of stagnation and hopelessness period within relationships. The constant self-doubt if the relationship is worth staying in and the back and forth of wanting to end things but wanting to stay in something that’s comfortable and familiar.” -Lost Club

The Strokes influence on Lost Club may seem apparent in the first listen of the track. But, as one listens closely, one notices that the influence is the foundation in Lost Club’s sound which he develops and evolves until he achieves something more personal and original. First of all, his vocals, are able to express emotion with energy the themes of the lyrics while at the same time mantaing a laid-back tone. They envelop us in thought and emotions. The guitars are the base of the track as they echo in the distance and join the other instruments in the harmonic section of the track. The guitar solo achieves serves as a remainder of the full power of the sound of Lost Club.

Overall, “Alone” is a track that builds upon the foundations of the guitar to build, alongside Nick Garcia’s vocals, an emotional power that serves as a way of exploring its themes of self-doubt in love. With his first single of his second EP Phantasmagoria, Lost Club creates great expectations of what awaits in the future of the project.

Nick share a message with us for all of our audience out there, in his own words: “I want to tell first-time listeners thank you first and foremost for taking the time to listen. I created Lost Club to express myself after being too embarrassed to put myself out there as a singer. I hope these songs sound like an old friend, something familiar and comforting but maybe it’s been a while since you’ve seen or heard from them”.

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