Welcome back, fellow readers! Today I’ve got to say that I am absolutely speechless about today’s fresh single. “Hellfire” by Philippine/Australian 20 year old musician, RinRin is just marvelous! What a total kick ass! You must listen, now!

I mean, first of all, a 20 year old girl making metal music is always good news. But this amount of force, energy and brutality in music is rarely seen in girls her age! My mind is just blown away, for real! Hard striking pop-metal that comes at you with sheer force! Don’t let this sweet girl’s voice deceive you, her heart was broken, and she’s making sure that the one responsible pays for it! Lord, have mercy!

RinRin’s creative universe continues to expand with the release of her single Hellfire, a powerful song where the fury of a broken heart rains down upon the one that broke it. Hellfire release also sees the launch of her animated series in the lead-up to her debut EP.

What?? An animated series too?? This girl ain’t playing…

This is now RinRin’s third single after releasing “The Game” and “Seek The Truth” which, by the way, we reviewed right here on Less Than 1000, and you can find it here!

And if the song wasn’t good enough, it comes with an amazing music video where RinRin and her dog Ramsay fight as cyborgs against evil robots … and her nemesis! Wonderfully animated and very story driven, the video makes a great job at portraying RinRin’s fantastic and futuristic world.

“Hellfire” was conceived in the hot deserts of Karratha, WA while RinRin was tending to her unwell father. With such blazing temperatures, RinRin thought of it as Hellfire, which happens to be the biblical punishment for treason… Are we sure this girl is just 20 yo?…

We can except a full EP from RinRin in September this year, which is just around the corner! OMG the hype! Teen empowerment, futurism and heavy music… FUCK YEAH!

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