Shayanne “Lost”

After ten years of being tweaked and perfected, Shayanne shares with the world her single ‘Lost’, an insightful track that is certainly outside the norms.

The South London-based artist Shayanne is back after her debut in early March of 2021. As a singer and songwriter, not to mention a person who’s always seeking to expand her boundaries, Shayanne is someone who has learnt to explore outside of herself. Her music, which is usually written alongside her longtime friend Beth Duncan, pulls from contemporary R&B, pop, film scores, and soul, besides any other form of art that catches her attention (mainly T.V shows she is fond of).

Being a versatile artist, Shayanne refuses to always do the same thing. However, there will still be a string of constants in her music for loyal listeners to always identify and enjoy, those traits being her soulful voice, catchy melodies and the expected but still surprising unique twist she gives to every idea and genre.

Lost was written by Shayanne and co-writer Beth Duncan a decade ago, and with the help of producer Adam Rust, the song becomes a colorful rocket that can take you in a unique and timeless and ageless journey.

Uniting the futuristic with the dreamy, Lost is a psychedelic trip that goes beyond the present and shows us the best of what’s ahead of us. The sci-fi energy captured in the intrsumentation, as well as the visuals provided in the lyric video, give the feeling of exploring a society that has yet to be. It contains the right amount of innovation and adventure; that feeling of running head into the unknown, the joy of remembering we are the main character in our own lives.

Shayanne herself, but mainly the song Lost, feel like they belong in a niche, the current case being music inspired by science fiction as a genre. This — perhaps unintentional — homage to speculative and futuristic fiction is the most suitable energizer for a night out with friends, for a workout session, or for any moment where one might need to get their blood truly pumping. 

“The power we have as humans to be able to think all these stories never fails to spark my own creativeness, and so Lost is almost like a love letter to all the shows that I, and my co-writer Beth Duncan, grew up on. Hopefully, songs like these will inspire people to be creative in their own ways,” Shayanne comments.

This daring move of stepping away from the shadows and sharing something that is not seen often adds an additional charm to the track. Shayanne’s creativity and imagination are admirable qualities that draw people in, and with her as an artist that can only mean gathering a bigger audience. 

Nowadays, people are starving more than ever before for anything that might feel new and add a spark of light to their lives and Shayanne, with her diverse musical taste and desire to always do something different, might be your cure for monotony. 

If you enjoyed Shayanne’s music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out her official website. For social media you can follow her Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter accounts. To listen to her music, you can head over to her Spotify profile, Soundcloud, and Youtube channel, or you can purchase their music at Bandcamp.

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