Morning Trips – “We have no time (for now)”

Welcome back, fellow readers! Today we have a single that will bring you back to the 00s and the last great years of the MTV era! Morning Trips, a band hailing from Fort Walton Beach, Florida has just shared with us their most recent single and videoclip: “We Have No Time (For Now)“. Don’t waste time and listen to it now!

Morning Trips have been together for four years now, and you can tell by the looks of it that they’ve been having fun! Their sound has been described as “influenced by a gumbo of dream pop, shoegaze, R&B, and ‘80s music” by the Northwest Florida Daily News, and with founding punk-era nostalgia and saccharine synth mixed in for good measure. What a mix! Delightful!

This single takes the listener into a music (and time) trip, transporting us to the sonic qualities of late 90’s/early 00’s guitar influenced pop jam with modern 2020’s touches! Sublime! It reminds me of Weezer’s nerdy rock, with the entertaining lyrical qualities of Beck, a great mix if you ask me!

Morning Trips started this single production on the course of August 2020 to March 2021, taking special care with each instrument. For example, they created a mix of organic and electronic drums, as well as re-amping the whole drums recordings within the halls of a church, creating a nice room vibe. But the trickiest part were the vocals! As they had to get the right takes together and splice together the vocoder parts in the bridge and the ad-libs in the outro! Crafty!

“Lyrically we were singing about the moments when you realize you’re of the age where you’re kinda drifting away from your friends but not because of any personality conflicts or negative feelings. Just because life get’s busy. You still love em and care but life get’s way too busy. The video concept we put together over the span of a few months and we wanted to get really creative with the visuals.” – Morning Trips

The video is a very fun representation of a guy building a synth-microwave time machine… Because, why not? You can see him as he plots his plans and selects the time to travel to! Bandmates Brady Lynch, Logan Clinkingbeard, James Amos, and Noah Townsend, used a very DIY approach to the making of their video, and they nailed it!

We cut out a lot of silver wrapping paper, and along our videographer tape and pinned it to the walls of my living room where we had this chrome, neutral vibe that radiated the futuristic vibes we wanted. The performances takes we were bouncing between 1996 – the year I was actually born, 2003 – the year I moved to Florida, and 2021.” – Lynch

We wanted to play into the theme of time traveling and tryin to recoup your youth. Very nostalgic. We wrote out and pinned a bunch of whacky signs and maps all over my bedroom to make it look super sketched out. Very influenced by Pepe Silvia” – Morning Trips

In the words of band founder Brady Lynch, Morning Trips wants to “create a world with the same mentality of how we want to exist in the real world. We want to create open, progressive, and diverse music for people from all walks of life to find something of solace in.”

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