Be advised, the next single touches the topic of suicide as a way to break its taboo and to get people to open more about suicide ideation.

Welcome back, fellow readers, today we have a very special single by UK artist PleasePrettyLea in which she touches a bit of a serious topic (as I’ve mentioned before). “Ohheycide” is an alternative hip-hop ballad with a very distinctive operatic arrangement that appears to have no particular structure, meaning there’s no chorus nor verse, but instead tells the story of how suicide ideation feels.

The song dwells in chaos, just like a troubled mind does after a trauma, with bits where everything feels pretty, and other ones where all hell breaks loose. In this song and video, PleasePrettyLea embodies for the last time her character knows as “Voldemortis“, whose lyrics dwell between lusting for death and running from it.

To speak about the song, produced by brilliant producer NEONE The Wonderer, it mixes electronic and hip-hop production, where vibrant sweeps and swells can be heard throughout the mix, heavy 808s pulsate their way through each section, and low basses reach deep to the ground. We can hear distinctive trap drums mixed with rumbling earth-like impacts. All of this emphasizing the aggressive process of unpacking mental trauma.

To speak about the vocals, PleasePrettyLea’s vocalizations are just breathtaking, with beautiful harmonies and soft chants that quickly adopt an eerie feeling of desolation and hopelessness. The compressed vocals give a solid stability to her performance with a nice saturation that gives her voice a nice and warm crisp feeling.

To ensure that Ohheycicde was received in a safe way, PleasePrettyLea released a statement and an interview covering her experiences with mental health. In such interview she shared:

“I had poor mental health at that time, and I think it was me coming to terms with the fact that I had experienced suicide ideation but I didn’t want to admit it to myself. So, Ohheycide was a way to get around it but approach it at the same time, so it was like Oh… hey… suicide…” – PleasePrettyLea

She also sent us a personal quote about the single:

We are aiming to break the taboo on suicide with this project to get people to open up more about suicide ideation. And that with trauma comes such intense thoughts

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