Bella Bradley ft. DJ Kake “Losing SLeep”

Oh those warm summer days and the feelings awakened by long summer nights. Can’t sleep when it’s so lovely outside and you keep on dreaming about that special someone. It’s time to introduce a wonderful new single that is for sure going to be a good companion throughout this summer and any activity you might take on!

The star of this post is a young silky-voiced artist Bella Bradley, a singer-songwriter from Sussex eager to show her musical works to the world. Lyrics speaking her stories through an authentic heartfelt lens and fresh beautifully crafted dreamy pop production immediately show on her first single “Pictures”. Her vocals feel so smooth and clean it’s like listening to a songbird sing. Spilling out all of the heartache through the effortless singing, the artist soars so high in the sky, even while emotionally she might be crawling and struggling. But while Bella Bradley has shown us how well she fits the pop ballad realm, there is much more to her artistry about to be revealed.

Today she is back with her second single, the dancy popping summer anthem “Losing Sleep“, born as a collective effort of Bradley teaming up with DJ Kake, Lithuanian-born producer and DJ now residing in UK. Bella’s vocals ascend in this, especially during the chorus of heavily longing exclamation “I need your love, I need your touch!”, and as the song progresses, it takes over the listener, washing over with goosebumps as the song celebrates in the near-celestial heights. Not only is her voice utterly pleasing to listen to, there is so much going on in the instrumentals it does something that’s not very common in poppy EDM – discovering something new with each listen.

It’s a song that feels just right for summer evenings – more than enough energy for parties, loaded with wonder, soul and magical touch for warm nights spent staring at the sky and a pill of positivity. A good companion for sure, especially when you’re looking for something that is seriously uplifting, and this song is insanely good at being uplifting. Soaring, even!

Photos made by Oggarts.

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