Alright guys, I’ll level with ya, I had never heard of Lewca before today, but as soon as I pushed that play button I thought… wow, wtf, this is so cool! Now I am totally in love with his music! Maybe even with him but that’s just between you and me, ok? 😉

But, nah, for real mates, Lewca is a beast. He’s just like a music machine throwing out EPs out of his sleeve! I mean it’s been only 5 months since he released his last EP, “Walking The Hedgehog“, and just a month since he released his last single and collaboration with Sean Buckley, “I’m Alright“. Can this man be stopped?? Can anything be done to stop this force of nature?? … Hope not!

French master of disaster, Lewca, is back! That’s right, your favorite satiric/humorist artist (who your parents don’t want you to know they listen to) has returned yet again, with another mental, degenerate, and sarcastic musical mockery. A five track EP filled with Lewca’s ironic genius “Geezer Pop”!

As usual, Lewca’s right hand, S.O.A.P, oversaw the production of the EP, but there’s also tracks from Max Future, Erwann Guirriec & Remy Laurençon. Lewca produced the EP & composed & performed the lyrics. Recorded in Pairs, “Geezer Pop” was mixed by Rémy Laurençon & Mastered by Chab. Let’s get right to it!

First we have “Beautiful Day“, a song about dropping MDMA! A bit different from what were used of Lewca, but then again, we know this man cannot be put inside a genre cage… A quite happy song, just like dropping M should be, or that’s what people say! Filled with Lewca’s funky lyrics, this track quickly and suddenly turns into a EDM track! What?? With a beautifully made music video, this track won’t do anything but put a smile on your face.

Right after that, “Born To Survive” comes. An aggressive UK Drill / Hip-Hop style track that’s about being broke and fighting for a shot at a dream. Here you’ll find some middle east vibes and wobbling 808s that’ll make you bop up, down, and sidewaayyss

Broken Window starts with a beautiful guitar lick, giving entrance to a bopping beat and Lewca’s lyrics about the Trump era and Brexit. With a sudden bridge that appears to be sung by Tom Waits, this song is unique, entertaining and witty.

My Story” is a jazzy hip-hop beat with a pub/bar ambience, where Lewca sings us, eh-hem, well, his story. Pianos are playing, drums are swinging, tears are shedding, and bottles are being emptied and smashed. Cheers!

And, before we finish let me just remark the unique style of Lewca and his music. Being able to jump from one vibe to another with such smoothness, well, it ain’t that easy! “Burn” is a quite experimental/progressive-like beat that involves static-like synths, menacing drones and a certain violence which reminds me of Nine Inch Nails. It is dark, it is slow, it is a great end for yet another great song. Thank you Lewca and friends!!

It’s the summer, so summer bangers are required I guess… Mental music for the masses is what I’m going for 🙂” – Lewca

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