Marie Minet “Hanoi – Kel-P Remix”

Marie Minet and producer Kel-P join hands to create an Afro-pop infused version of her latest single, delivering the addictive ‘Hanoi – Kel-P Remix’ right on time for a passionate summer party. 

An artist who gives herself to life and puts her heart and soul in each and every of the stories she interprets, Marie Minet counts with a voice that is able to transmit her heartfelt emotions into any word or rhythm she sings in. Her captivating singing and the innovation found in her lyrics make for an unforgettable performer who you’ll want to keep on your playlists, especially once you realize the synthesis of genres she explores and masters with ease. 

Marie Minet released Hanoi, a song about a Parisian woman with a desire to run and leave everything behind, as though she were gone with the wind. The song was written with the help of Minet’s brother during a trip to Asia. Now the track sees yet another collaborator: talented producer Kel-P, who brings a new sense of life to an already vivid song.

As preparation for her upcoming album, expected to be released this same season, Marie has begun to showcase the sound and flavor we’re meant to look forward to: sophisticated and sultry melodies, her ever-present elegant vocals, and a multitude of flaming hot Afrobeat remixes. 

When the announcement of a second lockdown arrived, the artist packed her bags and left for Ghana without a second thought, ready to meet new producers and begin the collaboration process. It was in this trip that Marie met Kel-P, a Nigerian producer who’s worked with Burna Boy (and contributing in the African Giant album earning a Grammy nomination), Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, and more. 

Kel-P shows utter respect for the original work and helps bring even more charm to its main attributes. By maintaining the acoustic sound, the richness of the original song stays present and works as a solid foundation for the electronic and energetic elements he brings in with the remix. 

The story told in the lyrics stays the same, but this time there is a stronger presence of the adrenaline and spontaneity we’re being told of in the first release. This combination of Afrobeat and french music, of acoustic with electronic, of slow with rushed and warm with scorching hot — all of it makes the Hanoi Remix stand out. 

If this is only a tease of what the rest of her album will be like, we can expect Marie Minet to keep attracting audiences as lively as herself. 

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