Under Delusion- “Follow Me”

Under Delusion is an emerging rock band from Moscow, Russia. Today, we are presenting their fourth single “Follow Me“. It is a slow ballad that plays with its dream-like athmosphere to explore themes of hope in times of sadness.

“Follow Me” is based on synths, guitars and low bass, female vocals and drums that collide alongside a slow beat to generate an atmosphere that is full of emotion. Each instrument carries its own weight. Their interaction has as a result a sound is complex and dense, full of depth and layers. Each time one listens to the track, one notices sounds that did they did not hear in previous times. The vocals, for example, are harmonized and mixed in a way that the low timbre is given priority over that of the high register. We hear them as if they were speaking to us from a dream. They might sound confusing at first, but if we pay attention, we are able to fully appreciate their density and complexity. Thus, listening “Follow Me” becomes an experience, as if we were solving a mystery and discovering a new clue with each listen.

The track tackles themes of love, sadness, anger and loss. A song that wants to remember those we lost along the way. The verses utilize the song’s deep sound at its fullest. At first, we hear heavy emotions and sounds, as heavy as the themes that Under Delusion handles in “Follow Me”. However, as we wish to escape to a better world, the transforms: In the chorus, we feel how the burden of our shoulders is being lifted, as we realize we were never alone: “Follow me to the hill”. The song unexpectedly allows us to feel hope, to dream. The guitar solo allows us to deposit our emotional baggage, letting us start all over again. Each time the chorus reappears, this feeling becomes stronger and stronger, until it reaches its peak in the end of the song.

Listening to “Follow Me” by Under Delusion is as if we were hearing a dream speak to us as we are awake. It invites us to look behind us, to recognize the difficulties of living, and to never lose hope, despite how hard it might be.

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