Her name’ is Raffaele, Cassandra Raffaele – this could be a Bond theme…

This song signs my return to the scenes with my solo project“.

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The video was directed by Matteo Casarini and choreographed by Alessio Vanzini. It follows a woman as she meets all emotions performed by young dancers in the immensity of a disused house which represents her troubled soul.

This is music soaked in emotion and drama – epic music fit for the big screen – music for a wider audience. ‘My Anarchy Loves You’ is a song with a retro/nostalgic vibe that recalls old Western movies and also presents itself as a modern day ‘Bond theme’.

‘My Anarchy Loves you’ is a sincere love song dedicated to music and what it means to me.

Cassandra has a soulful voice and a wide range of vocal capabilities. Here, she uses subtle, smooth vocals to lure us into her world and later, we experience the true depth of her emotions as her voice becomes more passionate and powerful. It’s a cinematic song swathed in drama – something the must-see promo video accentuates. With each and every additional listen, I became more and more convinced that this should be the latest Bond theme!

The scope of Cassandra’s voice brings to mind many other artists – at times she sounds like Brittany Howard or Joss Stone – other parts of the song really reminded me of Skin from Skunk Anansie – particularly the song ‘Secretly’.

An elegant cinematic indie rock ballad with an impressive title!”

The most impressive part of this song though is definitely the beautiful and extremely accomplished string-laden outro. The orchestral flourishes that adorn the songs exit are masterful and very emotional. It’s celestial, it’s absolutely majestic and it prompts multiple listens.

‘Well, I like to do some things the old-fashioned way” – James Bond (Skyfall – 2012).
So does Cassandra Raffaele, it would seem – to great effect.

The lyrics are a declaration of love and freedom
Cassandra will launch this new single ‘live’ at the Bertinoro Entroterre Festival in Italy, on Saturday 17th July.

More about the song…

A perfect soundtrack in the arrangement produced in an old analog studio recording by Roberto Villa, mastered by James DeMains (Robert Plant, Elton John, Bob Seger) at the Yes Master Studios of Nashville. The suggestive intro is entrusted to the arpeggio of a gretsch electric guitar played by Cassandra herself, and to Villa’s electric bass guitar, with a strings emotional outro that you don’t expect at the end of the song.

Street-dancing, singer/songwriter Cassandra – whose vocal delivery can be likened to an Afropunk take on neo-soul.
Cassandra sings in English and Italian and is most well known for her previous work with the alt soul band EnnieLoud.

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